Wk 9 (16-20th March 2015)

Can you explain what kinds of things you think might be invented in the next 10 years?

Which area of inventions do you think are the most important for our society? For example inventions in medicine, technology, sport, space etc.

30 Responses to Wk 9 (16-20th March 2015)

  1. Alexander GALSGAARD says:

    I think people will invent, high flying hoverboards. Because people allready made hoverboards (TYPE THE LINK FOR VIDEO OF THE HOVER BOARD. NEED VPN TO CONNECT) So I think people will create/invent high flying hoverboards.


  2. Irma ANDERSSON says:

    I think one invention that is going to be invented is a robot that can cook for you maybe in a restaurant in maybe 10 years.
    I think the best invention is sports because it’s good to the environment or it doesn’t hurt anything and it makes you stronger and you get fit.It’s good for society. And sports are fun. Because you hangout with your friends and you just do it for fun. And you always get better at something when you practice, like if you swim everyday you get stronger and you always learn maybe a new stroke or a new drill.


    • Arvid LINDQVIST says:

      Cooking robots sounds interesting. It could be a success to night opened resturants. But people will loose jobs. What if somaone like me wants a special burger or something and it is not programed for it?


  3. josh the awesome guy says:

    I think that the pace of the advancement of technology in the world, people might invent things such as laser guns or super tiny computers that can be a contact lens so you can spy on people or even teleportation. Robots might also be so intelligent up to the point when you can’t tell whether it is a robot or human. I personally think that medicine and tech inventions are the most important because without medicine, tons of people will die everyday from minor diseases such as influenza. Without tech, we would have no way to communicate with each other from far away or chat on social media. I won’t even be able to write on this blog!


    • Lov LARSE says:

      I agree with you Josh but I think it is more important to do sports and be healthy. I could survive without technology but it would not be as fun. On sports you have fun and like to do something. Thats just my opinion.


      • Kyo-Won KU says:

        I agree with you Love. Technology is fun. But sports, however are fun and they are good for you. When you play sports, you get fit. Also, some sports make you smarter.


  4. Jonathan Zhe-Xi XIE says:

    I think is Phones because people use it to message or call each other all the time. And people use it for an other reason, too. If you go on a subway, the only thing you see is people are playing games or sending message on their Phones. So for now, Phones are really important. Imagen that you use your Phone for everything, message, calling, games, maps ( online )…… and on one day, you lost your Phone! How can you live? But Phone can heart your eyes at the same time, so be carefully.


  5. Lov LARSE says:

    I think a medicine that stops ebola. Because the ebola virus is a really dangerous sickness and if we don’t get medicine in like 20 years it’s gonna be even more. They are also trying to make vaccine now. One day when I live I bet there is going to be a vaccine to ebola. Hope it does not spread to Europe and Asia and every single contenent. Nobody wants ebola. I think the best area of inventions now is sport because sports is fun and everybody likes sports. Then you are active you have fun and you get healthy of doing sports. Some people don’t like sports and they just like playing COD or other games and watch TV.


    • Kyo-Won KU says:

      I totally agree with you Love. We really need a vaccine for Ebola. Ebola is not spreading for NOW. If we don’t make a vaccine that could cure Ebola, it might be worse after few years when Ebola starts to spread again.


  6. Arvid LINDQVIST says:

    I think that technology inventions is important in the future. This because the poor planet Earth need meny new inventions for a better environment. Inventions for eliminate polution in the seas is one area. A second area is the atmosphere, where enviromental friendly cleaning in the industrial areas would be nice. Cleaning technology for river water to eliminate toxic substanses and other unnatural chemicals is maybe the most important. This because rivers feed the seas.


    • Raf DAHLA says:

      I agree Arvid about everything. By the way good and interesting word choices you got. I agree that technology helps environment in future but maybe it will actually destroy the environment more. I don’t understand about the river feeding the sea, do you mean the river is giving the sea water?


      • Jonathan Zhe-Xi XIE says:

        Me too. l agree on everything you guys sad. Technology will be important in the future. And l believe that people will make better inventions like Robots that to homework for you. Like you gave your homework to the Robot, then the Robot do the homework automatically. You don’t even need to tell it to do the homework.


  7. Raf DAHLA says:

    I I think that in 10 years there will be flying cars, solar powered cars that are pretty fast, and maybe a helicopter that can change to a submarine. Maybe there will be robots that does dangerous jobs like for example fixing parts in factories or firefighters. Or probably jet packs that is powered with solar power. I like the thing that making inventions is really fun. I think the most important category is technology because you can communicate, research, and even watch or listen music. I sometimes can’t get of of technology.


  8. Kyo-Won KU says:

    In next 10 years, I think jetpacks will be invented because we have thought it for a long time. But we couldn’t make it because we didn’t have the technology. We have a jetpack that could fly on water. Why not on land? (also, it would be cool to be flying around places)

    I think the most important area for our society is medicine because if we improve our medicine, we can save millions of lives. Peoples might not need to ever worry about their health again.


  9. Gabriella GUERMANOFF LOWE says:

    I think that in the next 10 years the next big invention will be little micro robots that are injected into your body that can fight off cancer. I also think that there will be x-ray glasses to enable doctors to be able to see through people with out spend thousands of dollars to buy big and bulky x-ray machines that take up an entire room.
    I think medicine is the most important to our society. I think medicine because it would be amazing if someone could find a cure for cancer and Ebola and maybe even super bugs. But the bad thing with that is that the world might over populate and scientists think that by 2050 there will be more then 9 billion people on Earth.


    • Ji-Hyeon(Annie) says:

      I agree with you,Gabi. I agree that tiny machines that fight off cancer could be invented.What if there were too many people living on Earth.In the next ten years, good medical things would improve and older people will live longer.And babies are still being born every day……


    • Crystal Ha says:

      I agree with you too, Gabi. I agree the moro robots that are injected into you body and fight off cancer. That was a great idea. I wished in the future that invention would be invented.


      • Jonathan Zhe-Xi XIE says:

        My dad told me that when you have a cancer, the put an camera in side your body. Because some cancer is bad for your body, and some don’t do anything at all. So first, they see if yours is bad or not. Then, if they are not sure, they use the camera to take some out(cancer). If they are bad, they will do an OPS on you and take it out.


  10. Ji-Hyeon(Annie) says:

    I think in the next ten years, inventions like a candy that has all the vitamins in it for a day, a transportation that can go on air,ground and in the water,and cars that doesn’t need a drive to control it.
    If you don’t wan’t to eat food and you need to have vitamins,you could just eat the candy .Also, if your throat hurts and you can’t eat food you can eat the candy.It might be as a snack or it might be used as a medicine.
    I wish I had this: a transportation that can go on water, ground and air.I could easily go to Korea or America ( or anywhere else ) with a flying boat car.It wouldn’t cost me very much.Then, it would be easier and cheaper for people to go around the world.
    A car without a driver driving it?Unbelievable! You are on a long family trip and your dad is staying awake to drive.If there was no need for a person to drive,and it had protective radio detectors so if a child runs in front of your car, it will stop immediately. The world would have less car accidents ten years later.( if it is invented )
    I think the technology category is the most important because we can communicate and spend our free time with it.I think the technology is great and it will develop better and better in the future.


  11. Jeong-Won KIM says:

    I think in 10 years there should be a mask that if you just put that on you will be able to go up to space without any of those heavy and ugly looking suits.

    And I also think there should a medicine that can cure any, and I mean ANY kind of desease.

    And also like what Annie said there should be a vehicle that can go on water, under the water, on the ground, and on the air.

    There should also be a car that if you just tell the car where to go it will take me to that place as fast as it could, but safely.

    Houses that has machine legs stuck to the bottom of the house, so when we want to live in a diffrent place, we can just control the legs and move.

    I think the most importent area in the inventions that should be invented is the medicine area, because than it would save 1,000s and 1,000s of lives.


  12. Jeong-Won KIM says:

    I agree with you Gabi, it will be great if there were x-ray glasses.


  13. Crystal Ha says:

    I think in the next 10years, inventions like a car would be in the air without tires and would be driven by the person saying right, left, stop, go front, and go back. Also there would be vitamins that can make you sleepy, makes you wake up, and be full.
    If you are having a diet, you can have that vitamin.Then you will be full. Also you can’t really go to sleep you can eat a different kind of vitamins. It might be different tastes.
    I wished we had a invention that can go underwater, in the sky, on the on the ground. Also, it can be charged up with solar power. It could be the flash light.
    When you are tired of driving, you could say the directions or the car could drive it for you!!!!!!!!!! That will be fantastic! If you go to a long trip, and the driver or someone needs to get up and drive?? That can make accidents. Also when it is early in the morning, you are tried and sleepy, you say the place you have to go, and the car would go for you.
    I think technology is the best invention. You could communicate with your friends, and also your friends that are far away.Also technology would develop more and more in the future.


  14. Yash MALHOTRA says:

    I think lots of things would be invented in 10 years. Like a little small thing that doctors put in your body and it kills all the diseases in your body, there could be a fighter jet that has unlimited bullets, then it is easy to kill bad people. Some inventions that are important could be sports, education, and medicines. We have sports because if we don’t have different sports we would be lying down on bed or playing video games all day long. We have medicines because if we don’t have different medicines we would not be able to cure people. Millions of people in world will die. We also have education because then we won’t be able to read and when we grow up people won’t have good jobs.


  15. Jeong-Won KIM says:

    But crystal there are aready medicines that makes you sleep.
    Alarm clocks are good for making you wake up.
    And the one that makes you full only makes you feel full, but really, you are starving in the inside, people need to eat food, not just feel like you just ate a bunch.


  16. Jonathan Zhe-Xi XIE says:

    In the Ancient China, there’s a guy called华佗(Huatuo). At the time, he is the best doctor in China. But once, he have to do an OPS on an child. The child scram and yelled loudly, and Huatuo thought: If l can make a medicine that keep the wounded from sleeping, he won’t feel heart a all. So he went all over China, and he made the medicine called麻醉药,it keep you from sleeping in OPS, and you will awake when your OPS is done.


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