Wk 7-Human Body Problems

Describe a time when you were ill, injured or had an ongoing disease. Tell us what happened to you, what were your symptoms (what was wrong), what tests did you have done and what treatment you received (medicine). Remember this is on the internet and anyone can read it so think carefully about privacy before commenting!

11 Responses to Wk 7-Human Body Problems

  1. Kyo-Won KU says:

    Once, I had a disease called cold. Cold is one of the main types of disease you get often. When I got cold, my nose was runny, my throat hurt and I was sneezing a lot. When I went to the doctor, he ordered me to blow my nose to check. He also checked my throat to see if my throat was sore. The doctor said I got cold because I did not keep my body warm while playing outside. He gave me some medicines (don’t know what it is). They tasted awful.


  2. Aukust PAJUL says:

    I once broke both of my bones in my wrist and required a surgery to fix it. I could not do many sports expecially swimming. My wrist hurt rapidly after the injury but I somehow managed to fall asleep on the way to the hospital. I did not require any medicine since it was a bone, but they put 2 metal hooks into my wrist. The good thing about breaking bones is that it does not require organs to be damaged when it happens like a heart attack except if you get it as a shock from breaking your bone. Then I fractured my other wrist and I am not going to talk about it.


  3. Raf DAHLA says:

    Once, I Josh accidentally poked in my eye with a ruler (directly). Luckily I was not blind but somehow it didn’t hurt even though my eye bleed. It didn’t bleed that much, I told it to my mom and dad. My mom texted to her friend because her friend is an eye doctor, she said that I didn’t need any medicine but rest. In about 1-2 weeks my eye was cured. This happened 1 month ago. But before that another tragedy happened and it was Josh again, he poked my nose by accident with a pencil. The tiny hole made me breathe more clearly. My mom and my little sister Nina freaked out and they managed to calm down.


    • Jonathan Zhe-Xi XIE says:

      I am sorry to hear that, Rafa. But it really surprised me that it doesn’t heart!


    • Yash MALHOTRA says:

      That is very surprising to me Rafa that it did not hurt you when you got poked! The same thing happened to me but it was on my knee. It did not hurt me but my mom still told me to put some kind of cream on it. I do not know why?


  4. Jonathan Zhe-Xi XIE says:

    Once l am playing a soccer match. And l was to exited, so l tackled some body else. I was successful on the tackle, but the ground scratched my skin and ripped a lot of. It really hearts. I can’t do anything with it, so the only way to try to make it heal is not doing any sports. I rather lose instead of being hert.


    • Kyo-Won KU says:

      Yes I agree with you Jonathan. It is better to be healthy then to be hurt. I also got hurt a LOT when I’m playing soccer. So you shouldn’t play rough.


  5. Raf DAHLA says:

    Jonathan I know it hurts but it’s not that bad you know. My mom fell out of her bike when she was small and she teared her eyebrow, she had to stitch it. My mom didn’t get hurt. I was surprised she didn’t really feel the pain.


  6. Aukust PAJUL says:

    Rafa, people get poked in the eye really often but most of the time it won’t really bleed. Still it is really NASTY when you get poked in the eye and perhaps in my opinion the most annoying common accident to yourself. The feeling when you get a very small rock in your eye, it just sucks (the feeling). All the small things that you can’t consider injuries are brain melting.


  7. Nikolas ATHANASOPOULOS says:

    One time last year I got a flu called influenza. It is a common disease. Luckily it wasn’t influenza A Because the doctor told me that influenza A Can be deadly. The doctor gave me this daily medicine as treatment. One of the side affects was that I might throw up. Luckily that did not happen to me. My symptoms were coughing, fever, sneezing and a sore throat. My cough lasted for a month.


  8. Yash MALHOTRA says:

    Last year I had an injury on my right pinky. It hurt so much that I almost cried. I could not even move my finger a little bit, it was so badly hurt. I went to the doctor and he did an X-Ray on my finger and said that I had to put a broken pencil on my finger and tape it. I put the pencil on my pinky everyday until I can move my finger easily and there was no pain. It was really hard!


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