Wk 7 ( 2nd-6th March 2015)

This week we have been talking about whether or not the school should close our cafeteria and ask all children to bring in a packed lunch.You wrote a discussion on this topic. Your task this week is to re design lunch at our school.

What food would you serve? Where would we eat? What would you keep the same? What would you change?

Research some schools that have a special lunch or think creatively and make up your own!

29 Responses to Wk 7 ( 2nd-6th March 2015)

  1. Aukust PAJUL says:

    I would change lots of school foods, because they aren’t healthy. Healthy varieties of all kind (not soaked in oil) witch includes meat,vegetables,fruits and other types. I would also change the amount of time we would have to eat, I would change it so that as soon as your finished you can go outside. Sometimes a special treat like burgers or french fries.
    I would change the drinks every day to ice tea, juice,water but rarely soft drinks.
    But of course you can bring your own food.


    • Jonathan Zhe-Xi XIE says:

      I agree with you Aukusti. I think the school is not healthy, too. But… I will not change the drinks. Ice tea is not healthy. I will change them all to water.


    • Lov LARSE says:

      I agree with you Aukusti. I think the school food in not healthy! But I disagree with that you can go out when you are finished because if you eat to much and you go outside after that then you will not feel good.


    • Kyo-Won KU says:

      I also would change most of our schools food. I don’t like the school food. But, I don’t agree that we can go out as soon as we finish our food. Then it gets too unfair. Peoples might not eat food because they want to go out early and play more.


    • Alexander GALSGAARD says:

      I agree with Aukusti that things are way to oily like the vegetables. But somtimes it tastes better. But it is still unhealthy for children to have to much cooking oil in food.


    • josh the awesome guy says:

      Yeah, I agree. But why not have better treats from better places like burgers from burger king, tacos from taco bell or like alexander, pizza from papa john’s.


  2. Jonathan Zhe-Xi XIE says:

    I think we should have different kinds of foods. Because it is an international school. People came form different countries, and they like different kinds of food. For example, Yash is from India, and he like spice food. And Kyo-Won is from Korea, and he likes to eat Korea food. So we need to have different food from different please. Like Asia and America.(North and South)


  3. Seung Hwan SEO says:

    I would like to eat high quality food. Because sometimes I saw the blood of chicken and very oilly food. But I want to keep cafeteria open. Because my mom is so busy and she doesn’t have enough time to pack lunch box. And I like to keep drinks, bread and yogurt in cafeteria. I like to serve many korea food example laver, kimchi and tuna.


    • Arvid LINDQVIST says:

      I agree Seung Hwan that the food sometimes are made in a rush. but im not sure that thats right but as you said you can sometimes see blood in the poor chicken. And I dont think that my parents can do my lunch either. but someimes its just irritating because the food is discusting.


  4. Lov LARSE says:

    I would like gourmet food and not just rice and meat. I want more drinks that you can choose not just juice. I want more european food and american food. I want salad bar that they had before with fresh fruits and vegetables not vegetables soaked in oil. Sometimes we could have like burgers and french fries twice a month. And maybe soft drinks once every month. Sometimes steak and meatballs. And healthy more food.


  5. Kyo-Won KU says:

    If I could redesign school cafeteria, I would just build it the way it is now because I like the way it is now. However I would change the food. Some peoples don’t eat school cafeteria food because they think it tastes very bad. I would have to interview lots of peoples. I would ask them what is your favorite cafeteria food? If you could serve 1 of your favorite food for cafeteria what food would you choose? Then, I would make a graph of how many peoples wants to serve this food and the food that gets the highest vote gets to be served at cafeteria.


    • Raf DAHLA says:

      I really agree with you Kyo Won however I disagree on the point that cafeteria’s food taste bad. The thing that you should be changing is change the food to a healthier food that way more energy served. I agree with the interviewing point though. But maybe add the elevator.


    • Crystal Ha says:

      I agree with you Kyo-Won. Like you said, people don’t eat them and later on, they will be hungry. It’s because the school lunches taste bad.


  6. Aukust PAJUL says:

    I agree with Jonathan, that we should serve for students traditional food of their country.
    But I also disagree with it, because it would be a very hard challenge for the people who make it. Also, could the we try the food from different countries if we wanted to? Not like that Koreans have to eat their separate food from the others.


  7. Arvid LINDQVIST says:

    I would like the cafeteria open even though I sometimes find rotten apples or bananas. I would change so every week its different food from different countries so one week maybe food from China then next week from another country. I believe that’s good because then everybody can get food from there own country. Its also good because then you have a whole week to eat the food from your own country. The problem is some food’s is hard to make here in China and some students just cant wait untie it’s there countrie’s turn.


  8. Raf DAHLA says:

    if I could re-design the cafeteria I would change the food to good food choices (healthy food) and also I would add an ice cream maker machine in one table and the people who wants the ice cream have to line up. I would add an elevator instead of the staircase because it’s faster. I would also add a game room because if you are full and there are still plenty of time you can play foosball and you can also watch TV. I would add an elevator for food so the one that cooks is on the top floor. I would also train the ayi’s to give the food equally. Also the last thing is clean the table and chair properly.


  9. Irma ANDERSSON says:

    We can have very healthy food.I think we should have like on one week one class decides what food we’re going to eat. So if you decide on Monday you get it on Friday or some day. And you can only decide on yummy stuff but it has to be healthy too. And if your allergic to something you can chose if you want to bring your own lunch or the school fix it for you. And I think we should have the watermelon and honey melon cubs back because some people really liked them, like me. We could also have a vote what fruit we want to have.And if you don’t like the food you can just make a sandwich to eat. And maybe you could make your own salad or a fruit salad to eat.And I would want to eat outside if it’s sunny and inside if it’s cold and rainy or if it’s winter or something.


    • Ji-Hyeon(Annie) says:

      I agree with you,Irma.We should have healthier food instead of closing the cafeteria.It’s a really good idea to eat outside on sunny days.


  10. Alexander GALSGAARD says:

    I think i would change a lot of the food. Like it’s too oily the vegetables are so is the meat, pasta. But I think we should ice tea, papa jonhs pizza, patoto soup, steak, ham and chesse panini, chicken soup, vegetable soup, and so much more it would fill a page or 2. Also we should have a good smelling cafetriea and a pro cleaning crew.


    • josh the awesome guy says:

      Panini sounds awesome but sadly they don’t serve them. We have to mke our own, and the microwave doesn’t exactly make the best panini.


  11. Aukust PAJUL says:

    I agree with Alexander, that we should have better quality food like papa john’s instead of the schools pizza. I also like the idea of having good steak and a pro cleaning crew, cause our cafeteria smells bad before you get used to it. Lots of things should change cause lots of students complain, if the cafeteria changes then it might be good. But we should have seasonal foods depending on the time of the year.


  12. Nora BELIN says:

    If I could re design the school’s cafeteria I would change the food a lot. I would also add a ice cream maker so you could get ice cream. I would also have a little field with a goal and soccer balls and toys and other things. So that when you are done you don’t have to wait and be bored. I would also have a suggestion box and everyday I would actually read the suggestions and actually change something. I would also not have rotten food, like our school does because I got an apple that was rotten some days ago. I would change this much because my opinion is that the school lunch and cafeteria are very bad and gross.


  13. josh the awesome guy says:

    My cafeteria would be like a restaurant instead of a smelly cafeteria. I would also serve better quality food, for example, Steak or cod, halibut, and better sushi. I would also have a table with a group of friends for example, and one person would go and get all the food for the table/ the stuff they’re serving. Then, the other guys/girls would then just take it from the bowl instead to going over there and getting your food. I would also add some more interesting/better tasting salads, nuts, bacon, sandwich condiments etc. on the salad bar and move it to the center and if you would like to, can go and get your own salad. My cafeteria would also have a nice industrial design, with exposed lighting, air con and sprinkler systems. I would also have a elevator on the two floors, which are open, instead of having two floors which are closed.


  14. Nora BELIN says:

    I agree with you Irma we should eat outside if is sunny and if it ‘s rainy we should be inside. It’s a very good idea that we should have one class decide on what the food will be over the week. You are right about that we should have healthy but yummy food. I also wish that we still had the melon cubes. But I think they aren’t in the cafeteria because it’s not summer, I think melon can only grow good in the summer. So they are probably very had to get so they must be expensive, so our school won’t buy it.


  15. Yash MALHOTRA says:

    If I were to re design the cafeteria in my school I would not have a cafeteria. Instead everybody will bring there own money and buy food from the cafe. You would eat in the cafe with your friends on the sofa. I would like a big cheese pizza for everybody in the cafe. I would keep the drinks all same.


  16. Crystal Ha says:

    I think the cafeteria should be opened. Instead I will change the school food. In school foods, there are many unhealthy foods. I will change really unhealthy foods to healthy foods. I would also keep the drinks all same. I would also like fresh foods. Also, when the weather is sunny and good, we can chose to go outside and eat or not. I would also change the school cafeteria wall and designs. I think our school cafeteria that is on the 1st floor is too dark. I would like it would be brighter and I would like the color would be bright too. We could also vote for foods and we can serve the food that got the most votes.


  17. Ji-Hyeon(Annie) says:

    I think the cafeteria should be open. It should be opened because if we had to bring our own lunch, it would be a big disaster because all the students from G2 to high school have to pack their lunch ( or their aiyi/tutor or their parents ) every morning. What do you think will happen if a lot of students forget their lunch? Their parents or tutors would have to come to school. Then the school would be crowded with people.Also, many people don’t like school food and I wouldn’t recommend the school food for healthy food.I think we should have better food and healthier food instead of closing the cafeteria.


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