Wk 6: Organs in the body- Rafa and Jonathan

What do you think is the most interesting organ in your body? Why?

14 Responses to Wk 6: Organs in the body- Rafa and Jonathan

  1. Lov LARSE says:

    I think the most interesting organ in the body is the heart. Because it is cool how it pumps the blood around the body and without the heart we would be dead. I want to learn more about the heart because it is one of the most important organ in the body. You also have to take care of your heart or you will get a heart attack. Wonder how the heart can produce all that blood to the veins also how many veins do we have. thats why I think it is the most important organ in the body.


  2. Jonathan Zhe-Xi XIE says:

    I think heart is the most important organ, too. Because if you don’t have a heart, l am 100% sure you will die. Heart pumps blood all over your body, and send the good/bad thing through. For example, my dad told me that blood sends ENERGY and AIR to every other organ. The worst thing that can be happening on the heart is the HEART ATTACK. It will make your heart pump blood slower. The average of an adults’ heart pumping is 60-75. And the average of little kids’ are 90-100. Why? Because the average of the amount of blood being pumped out of a little kid’s heart is less than an adult. But in our life, there is an other example— the random guys who play sports. Their heart pumps much slower than us. So when they are doing sports, they can rase much more speed then us. Every time you speed up at some sports, you heart beet more faster. So the have much more”space” to speed up.


    • Lov LARSE says:

      I totally agree with you Jonathan I also wrote about the heart. It really is important to keep your heart healthy because you can get a heart attack and that is bad. It van also effect other parts of your body.


  3. Jonathan Zhe-Xi XIE says:

    If you guys have any idea about it, please tell me. My dad had told me a lot about this.


  4. Ji-Hyeon(Annie) says:

    I think the most interesting organ in your body is the appendix.The most interesting organ doesn’t have to be the most important organ.I choose the appendix because some organs like the heart, when you take them out ,you will not be able to live longer or you might just die.However,if you take the appendix out, there’s a very high chance that you will survive.The appendix is a small tube attached to the large intestine, but it’s not a necessary organ. Appendix can cause serious problems.Sometimes,it can get infected and cause something called appendicitis.If it’s untreated quickly, the infected appendix can pop and spread harmful germ to your body.You can die if it’s untreated quickly.


  5. Aukust PAJUL says:

    I think it is the brain because it is the most complex organ in your entire body. It controls you and makes you be alive for example: your liver or kidney and your heart don’t shut down. Without a brain you would be a blind and deaf corpse, that is what makes interesting. You cannot survive without the brain like you could without the appendix or something. A brain is like a computer that when you learn something it is like a USB stick putting its information to a computer (brain). Although if any organ like the heart was missing it would not matter at all with the brain because every organ can’t survive without each other.


    • Yash MALHOTRA says:

      I agree with you Aukusti. The brain is really important. It is like a computer with a USB. But I think without a heart you would also die.


    • Arvid LINDQVIST says:

      I Think the same so i agree Aukusti the brain is awesome. I Think its more complex than you. because you die without a heart/brain its hard to know what is most important. friday I wana know what you know about artfical intelegense.


  6. Yash MALHOTRA says:

    I thing the digestive system is the most important organ in your body. The digestive system helps break down food into a liquid so it can be easily transferred and absorbed by the entire body. This system is the secret to your body health and why your body looks and feels the way it does. Understanding how this system works will help you reach all of your perfect body health goals. This is why I chose this organ.


  7. Arvid LINDQVIST says:

    The brain of course Have you ever thought how it actuly works well its so complex so not even my Brain knows and my brain is a brain. ok no one in the World can build a brain this year what i know. to make one would be so hard that it would be huge. a question do you know what artificial intelegense is well its complex to create it…..it does not even exist. artifical intelegens is fun to talk about why well its cool if it would exist its actuly a robotic brain that brograms it self well you might Think its simpel but Think like this why can robots move because there programed arifical intelegens starts from nothng if you program it it will only do what you programed it to do, if you program the robot so it can do everything then thats not artifical intelegens.


    • Raf DAHLA says:

      I agree with you Arvid. The brain controls every movement even saying stuff in your head. But there is also a bad thing about the brain, sometimes the brain thinks of ridiculous stuff like I did when I was writing this comment. But with 1 single missing organ all your organ will shut down by itself then its the part for death.


  8. Raf DAHLA says:

    I think the most important organ in your body is the heart because like Love said it pumps blood around your body in seconds. Without the heart the blood will stay in one place and die. Heart can be very useful but when it comes to heart attack you will be in a lot of pain and die. It would be a very painful moment to die. My grandma past away when I was in America but she didn’t die by anything, she just past away peacefully. Heart attack are very dangerous, there is a high chance that you will die. I’ve never heard a guy/women survive a heart attack before.


  9. Irma ANDERSSON says:

    I think the heart. Because I can’t really believe that the heart pumps blood in the hole body. Without the heart we can’t live. Therefore the heart is a important organ in our body. You can also have cancer in your heart. You can have all kinds of problems in your heart.


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