Wk 6 (24th-28th Feb).Inspiring People

This week as part of our YOU CAN DO IT program we looked at some inspiring people. We also looked at some film clips which showed good ‘Sportsman/ Sportswomanship’ and also a lot of ‘random acts of kindness’.

THINK HARD and speak to your family. Have you ever seen someone show a random act of kindness or good sportsman/woman-ship? Recount the story for us briefly.

Here is mine: On a rainy cold afternoon when I was teaching in London way back in 2007 I had to go to an ATM machine to get money.It was really dark and I didn’t live in the safest of areas. Teaching in London was hard, the children were generally really badly behaved and the teaching system was quite strict, it had been a long day, I was tired and always worried about money. As I walked up the the ATM machine I saw that my card wouldn’t go into the machine, I quickly realised this was because there was a bunch of cash that the previous person had not taken. I pulled out the cash and shoved it into my pocket without looking so I could use the machine (don’t judge me yet). I took out my money then wondered what on earth to do with the cash. It was a moral dilemma, I didn’t have much money myself-maybe this was the world giving me a gift and I should accept it….but then I felt guilty.What if someone else was crying somewhere because they didn’t have their money? but then again who could be so stupid as to leave an ATM machine without waiting for their money-I didn’t get it? I could take the money to the police station or back to the bank but that would be extra work and hassle for me. I walked down the street a few steps desperately searching for anyone who looked like they might have just been to the ATM-how would I know? If I had lost money I would have been devastated……Across the road I saw a tall scary looking man, he was looking at a receipt  (I think) and kept looking back up the road. I decided this might be the guy…so I ran across the road and although I felt quite scared I waked up to this man and said “excuse me were you just using the HSBC ATM machine?”, he replied “did you take my money?”, at his rude response I was FURIOUS, how rude, I didn’t take it! He left it!.  “Yes I have the money you left” I said and handed it over to him……..it was actually a few hundred pounds which is a LOT of money. I was feeling angry and wishing I hadn’t bothered being a ‘good person’, when he looked at me straight in the eyes and said “thank you, you are a good person, this is my rent money’. We parted ways and it made me wonder if everybody would go to this effort?

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