Wk 2 Books (Irma and Nora) 17th – 24th April

If you could choose to read one long book or many short books which would you choose and why?

19 Responses to Wk 2 Books (Irma and Nora) 17th – 24th April

  1. Aukust PAJUL says:

    I would rather read the long book bit by bit, because then your mind can focus on the story rather than changing your memory of what you already know. Also it is more useful to read a long book because your reading skills will develop as much or more than a short book. But why you shouldn’t is because they take up too much space than short books. If it was a choice of one short book or a long book, I would personally choose the short book because you use less time reading it. A free choice would be pretty obvious (doesn’t relate to school). People should read long books once in a while to practice their skills because you might go a level up.


    • Ji-Hyeon(Annie) says:

      I agree with you, Aukusti.Reading a long book is better because you can learn a lot of words related to the topic.(If it’s a hard book)Also,long books explain more deeply and it uses really interesting adjectives.


    • Lov LARSE says:

      I agree with you I think long books are better. Long books are more interesting and the describe more deeply.


  2. Ji-Hyeon(Annie) says:

    If I was to choose a long book or many short books, I would choose a long book because you can choose a hard book ( for you ) and go through every words that I didn’t know and learn new vocabulary .That will improve your reading.In addition, you can focus on a story.If you choose a genre that you really like to read,you will not get bored.Also,long books explain more deeply and it uses really interesting adjectives which I think makes the story more interesting.Many people like to read short ,easy books.Therefore,I think that people should read more hard and long books.


  3. Lov LARSE says:

    I would rather prefer long book because they are more interesting than short books. In long books you can get bored of and you really want to know what is going to happen in the book. In short books a fun thing happens then the book ends but you want to know more. I also like short books because always something happens in the book. Also if you are new on english it is good to read short books. But I still think long books.


    • Raf DAHLA says:

      I agree with you love. Long books are pretty interesting. You really thought the same as me love. But I think short books are pretty boring because it short. For ESOL I recommend a medium book. Most short books don’t have interesting words for ESOL people and it makes them to not learn new words.


  4. Aukust PAJUL says:

    I agree with Annie,that long books explain deeper than a short books what would your vocabulary and so on. Personally I would choose shorter books like goosebumps, but still they have a similarity to a short book and a long book. But, I would still read long books because you don’t have to go off topic the whole time like with a lot of short books. Short books are fun to read if they are not too short and there has to be an interesting topic to keep your mind in the book.


  5. Jonathan Zhe-Xi XIE says:

    I will read some short books rather than reading a long book. If you are reading short books, those are the good points: First, you won’t get bored if you are reading books for a long time( if you are reading a long book, and you are reading it for a long time, maybe you will be bored. ) Second, you can have more time to organize your mind. Third, you can finish the book faster than a long book. Fourth, short books are easier , you can understand them better and quicker.


    • Kyo-Won KU says:

      I disagree with you Jonathan. If the book is interesting, no matter if it’s long or short, you will never be bored. But the problem is can you find a book that suits you? Also the understanding depends. Maybe the long book will be more easier to understand.


  6. Kyo-Won KU says:

    I would prefer to read a long book because when I read a long book, I just sit down and read. If you read a short book, you have to sit down and read, then when your finished you have to stand up and change a book. I mean, it’s just too much. If you HAVE to read for 1 hour, then better to read 1 long book rather then like 50 short book. Also, I like to focus on 1 story. Or my head kind of get mixed up.


  7. Nikolas ATHANASOPOULOS says:

    For me, it depends. If I want to read and focus on one story, I will read a long book. If I want to read a random book fast I will read a short book. However, if I read too many short books, my teacher may get mad at me because some short books do not require any effort and do not help my reading skills. Long books are more detailed with bigger story lines and are more difficult to read. Sometimes that is good like Hatchet but sometimes it is not good because the story line flips back and forth too much and I have problems understanding it.


    • Arvid LINDQVIST says:

      I totaly agree niko. If I dont feel for reading a long book I wont. If I would like to I might but I might just stop in the midle of the book. but I like the ones in the midle.


  8. Aukust PAJUL says:

    I would do the same thing as Niko to read a short book cause it is quick. But I am not sure if a teacher would get angry because of reading lots of short books. Even though you have to be determined of what you read and how long whether it is long or short. Big books have more context so they help more, but short books are the easiest.


  9. Jeong-Won KIM says:

    Im not sure,Hmm…Long books and short books.
    You see, long books always seem cool. And longer books have more discriptions, and I feel like since their more longer, the story goes on and on so you won’t really to worry about what books you will wan’t to read next.
    But the bad things about long books are, that some people just can’t consentrate on one books, so when their almost half way threw the book, they might start doing other things. Which then you will never get to finish the book. Next , when the book is too long you might, just might, for get what the story was about, like “what happend at the middle again?” Because sometimes I do that.
    Now, let’s see….. oh! Short books.
    Some short books are just amazing, even if people think short books are lame or baybish, they are cool. Some short books made it short so you can figure things out, and some are ……. just short.
    But the bad things are that mostly, Im not saying all, but mostly all short books are kind of easy. So for people that are trying to practics reading might not really improve.
    So those were the reasons why Im not really sure which on is better.


  10. Arvid LINDQVIST says:

    I dont think that I have an realy good answer for that because every book is difrent some good some bad. and some long just gets boring in the middle so you stop read it or short dont have as good point but all are difrent and some are just boring and nothing hapens. some can be super good a lot hapens at the same time. one of those realy good books. but I Think the ones in the middle thats not to long and not to short


  11. Raf DAHLA says:

    I would rather choose long books because long books have more chance to learn new words. Long book stories are basicly more interesting because it makes you think what’s going to happen next with full of exitment. I finished a couple of books and the book that I like the most is the long one. I read a couple of star war books (the long one) and I pretty much like it. I would like to read more long books because its interesting.


  12. Irma ANDERSSON says:

    I think long books are better. I think you get more deatales when you read long books. I would like to read more long books. If you read long books I think you get more inspiered.I don’t like to long books because it can take very long time to read the hole book.I also like long fiction books because their funny.


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