Wk 2: Empire of the Sun (23rd to 29th Jan 2015)

After watching the film ‘Empire of the Sun’ based on conflict between China and Japan, talk about the character Jamie and how he survived during such a hard time.

34 Responses to Wk 2: Empire of the Sun (23rd to 29th Jan 2015)

  1. Lov LARSE says:

    Empire of the sun was a good movie. You learned much about the Japanese trying to take over Shanghai. Jamie was nice to everyone, smart and well educated. Jamie loved Airplanes and shared with everyone. Jamie ate what he could he ate bugs and sometimes mud. Jamie was nearly muddy all the time and he was good on surviving.


    • Alexander GALSGAARD says:

      Love, I also thought it was a good movie. It’s true Jamie was good at suriving but he woulden’t if Bazi helped him with surving? and he ate the bugs for protein.And the mud was to keep quiet and stealthy. I also thoughtthe same about “Empire Of The Sun.”. I like your comment is good.


    • Joshua CHANG says:

      Yeah you’re right, but: Jamie was NOT nice to the Chinese people. He treated them like slaves.


  2. Alexander GALSGAARD says:

    I thought “Empire Of The Sun” it was a very sad movie, Jamie lost his family he went to a refugge camp. It was intersting to see Jamie survie. I thougth the Japanese kid was very nice. It was sad Bazi’s friend shoot the Japanese kid. It was kinda gross for Jamie to eat those beetles. also Jamie was not nice to the Chinese in the beging. Jamie was good at surving bascliy by him self. But the ending was very good.


    • Nikolas ATHANASOPOULOS says:

      I agree Alexander I think that the japennese kid was very nice but when he died It did look like he was going to cut Jamie.


  3. Nora BELIN says:

    I thought that “Empire of the Sun” was a very interesting movie but sad. I never thought that Japan was that mean to China. I think that the boy was very smart because he could survive three year with out his parents and doing all the nice things to the Japanese soldiers so that he does not get hurt. I think that he must have had such a terrible life seeing all those dead people, bombs and people killing each other. It was very interesting and if made me ask a lot of questions. I wonder if Baisy survives the whole war? Or if he dies. I really enjoyed and like that movie.


    • Lov LARSE says:

      I agree with you Nora. Jamie was really smart and nice to people. The Japanese was really mean to China. It was really bad that Bazi shot the Japanese boy


    • Crystal Ha says:

      I agree with you Nora. Jamie was smart to be nice to Japanese people and survived for 3 years. It was sad that Bazi’s friend shoot the Janpanese boy. He was also very brave.


  4. Nora BELIN says:

    I really agree with you, Alexander. it is very true that the Japanese kid was very nice, it was very sad that Baisy┬┤s friend shot the nice Japanese kid. He really was very good at surviving. I really liked the ending too.


  5. Kyo-Won KU says:

    I think Jamie survived the war between China and Japan because he learned lot of stuff at school and at refugee camp and he could actually use them in real life. He had to make a lot of pretty hard decisions.But, most of the choice I think he made a good decision. Also he was very kind to the others. You be good to the other’s and they’ll be good back to you. Because the Japanese was taking care of them, I think it was smart to learn their language. You can understand what Japanese are saying and do something according to the situation.


  6. Kyo-Won KU says:

    I agree with you Alexander. It was interesting to see how Jamie survives. But what if you saw a Japanese kid holding a katana and was aiming at Jamie? I would’ve probably done the same.


  7. Aukust PAJUL says:

    It was really smart for him to have a Japanese friend to increase his chance of survival from being shot by them. By using Pacy as a kind of a body guard to protect him from the other people in the “America” house, otherwise it would have been very risky to be there. The Chinese people didn’t really seem to like him of how they had treated them before the war, so then SLAP. It was very wise for Pacy to shoot the Japanese kid because who knows if he actually tried to kill him or hurt Jamie while cutting the mango. At first it wouldn’t have been very wise to go with a bunch of thief’s . He also survived by admiring fighter planes. The picture below is supposed to be a gun.
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    / ___/


  8. Aukust PAJUL says:

    the picture failed


  9. Crystal Ha says:

    ‘Empire of the Sun’ was a interesting and a sad movie. I think Jamie survived the war that was between China and Japan because he learned many things from Bazi while he was at the refugee camp. Also I think Jamie was very smart because he always makes smart choices. He was also very kind to every kind to everyone. He could also survive because he had a Janpanese friend. It was kinda sad that Bazi’s friend killed the Janpanese friend but Bazi’s friend thought the boy was trying to kill Jamie. Jamie had lose his friend but he had his parents back.


  10. Jonathan Zhe-Xi XIE says:

    I think that Jamie lived is an amazing thing. The Japanese are mean, but they just bow to the little boy! It is so amazing to me! But at the last, the little boy show that how to Japanese treated others. And Jamie is a good boy, so at least he won’t be attacked by the other poor guys. It is a good movie.


  11. Nikolas ATHANASOPOULOS says:

    I think Empire Of The Sun was a great movie with some sad parts. Jami was a real smart boy who was able to survive for many years without his parents. He loved planes and early in the movie he wanted to be in the airforce. Basie helped him survive but Basie at some of the parts was mean like when he left with out telling anybody. Jami did not leave anyone behind and ate bugs for protien. Jami was very lucky when he went into the Japanese side and ended up surviving.


  12. Jeong-Won KIM says:

    The movie Empire Of The Sun was really interesting and a sad movie.I learnt a lot threw the movie and enjoyed it. I really liked the character Jamie because he was so brave and smart. It was so sad when the Japenese kid died because of miss understanding. But I would’ve done the same as Bazi if someone was pointing a sword at my friend or something.And if I was there like Jamie I would’ve died in a week or less, but Jamie survived. I hated to see the part when he was eating the bugs in his food because it was healthy.I also hated to see the part when the Japanese soldier was beating up the doctor and Bazi. The ending was really interesting how he actually found his parents.


    • Ji-Hyeon HWANG says:

      I agree with you,Chloe. He was really brave and smart.I also agree it was awful to watch someone get beaten up.


    • Myra Sadeque says:

      I agree with chloe its awful to see someone eat bugs ,but its better than dying of starvation. Throughout the movie Jamie was really brave and he didn’t give up.
      Jamie has learnt to take care of himself very well.


  13. Jeong-Won KIM says:

    I agree with Niko, it was mean of Basie to leave him with out telling Jamie


  14. Ji-Hyeon HWANG says:

    I think the movie ‘Empire Of The Sun’ was really interesting and sad.The main character Jamie was a little boy was very smart and clever.Jamie loves airplanes and he is a nice boyHe was being nice to the Japanese soldiers and they also treated him well.He goes to the awful camp and eats bugs.I liked the part where Jamie finally met his parents even though he doesn’t remember their face. Also, I liked it when Jamie survived and got a lot of food to eat.The part where Jamie goes to the other side and his friend helps him scared me a little because the soldier was almost about to shoot him. It was a very interesting and a sad movie.


  15. Arvid LINDQVIST says:

    Jamie survived by eating worms and potatoes and he learnt how to trade things by Baisy. Jamie was kind and helped others so they helped him back. By helping each other its less dificulte to survive the prison camp. He got a Japanese friend that had a father who was a captain. Jamie’s Japanese friend saved him so he got into the American club. Another friend was a doctor who helped him. It is allways good to know a doctor. It is a very interesting movie.


  16. Irma ANDERSSON says:

    I think the movie Empire of the sun were really good but sad to. Jamy got very much help from Baisy like to trade stuff. So he could survive. He and the Japanese boy got friends when they helped eachother. A doctor can also be like a teacher because they can teach you how to save a person. The ending was really good because he meets his parents.


  17. Irma ANDERSSON says:

    Crystal is write Jamy liernd many stuff from Bazy whwn he was at the refugee camp.


  18. Aukust PAJUL says:

    It is extremely awful to eat bugs that eat your food and to lose a friend in a misunderstanding, the movie was really sad of some parts but sometimes there came some joy.


  19. Kyo-Won KU says:

    I agree with you Aukusti. It is awful to eat bugs. But I would rather eat bugs than die of starvation. We would do anything to survive.


  20. Joshua CHANG says:

    I would say Jamie was one adaptive and strong-willed person/child. At first, he was an incredibly good-mannered and sophisticated 12 year old boy. However, after his time with Bacy, he turned into a person who trades (fairly), takes stuff (from dead people), and does some “illegal” activities in the camp to help the people and himself. Also, I wonder how weevils taste like? I tried ants, grasshoppers, grub, scorpions (which tastes the worst) and worms, but not weevils. The hygienic conditions which the prisoners had to live in were the perfect breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses due to the facts that no one showered, the food were full of weevils, and the water was probably not very clean. Jamie probably had an iron will, to survive through all this, of seeing dead bodies, live through starvation and dehydration, being separated from his parents for extended periods of time and yet still live to tell the tale.


  21. Raf DAHLA says:

    I think the movie was very intense. Jamie was a character that has a strong heart, and strong friendship.The Japanese boy had a sad life because he had been shot and had a hard life. Basy was a character that’s very selfish. Jamie was at first very rude to his ai. This movie shows the different kind of characters to learn.


  22. Myra Sadeque says:

    I think Empire of the Sun was a great movie but also sad. I think Jamie was lucky to survive. When jamie and the other survivers got to a place where he found his car I think he shouldn’t have played dead because then he was on his own. He was also lucky for finding all that caned food. I’m pretty sure he has learnt to save his food instead of eating it all at once. He was lucky to brought to america where his parents could find him. On the other hand Basy is selfish he promised Jamie he would take Jamie with him but he just left him there.


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