Wk 9 (13th Dec-20th Dec)

New Year’s Resolutions.

After our discussion in class about new year’s resolutions.

Can you choose and share 3 resolutions that you would like to begin in 2014 and tell us why you chose them. One must be personal, one related to school and one sporting or creative.

Miss Frolchenko’s

My 3 resolutions are ones that I have tried to have before but failed most times. I wonder why this is? I think it is because it is very HARD to change our behaviour and to change our patterns. We are all used to doing certain things and acting in certain ways to it is hard to change what we are used to.

1. Personal: I would like to not lose my temper as quickly over ‘little things’ ( like whether people write down the date or LO in their books). This really IS NOT the most important part of a lesson, listening and understanding is.

2. School: I would like to read one article a week about teaching and keep a record myself of things that DO work well in our class and things that don’t, because sometimes it  is hard to remember.

3. Sport/Creative: I would like to go on cycling holiday over Easter with a group or alone in Thailand.

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