Weekly Homework


Wk 7 (18th-22th  May 2015)

1. Math: Complete your Mini Me sheet. Remember to complete it correctly step by step. You will need a very sharp pencil, ruler and patience.Once it is complete you may decorate it anyway you like.

2. Inquiry/Literacy:  Continue working on your My Human Body Contract.

3. Literacy: You need to make 2 sensible comments each week.

(1) Write ONE response to the question posted on our blog-look under (WBQ) WEEKLY BIG QUESTION. You must write a minimum of 1 paragraph (6 sentences).

(2) You must also make one other comment on someone else’s paragraph from our class.

Touch Typing: THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT! Continue to practice at least twice a week your touch typing skills-use links in our blog or from Mr Pascoe’s blog. Soon we will be starting a typing competition.

REMEMBER: You MUST complete your homework each week so that you are prepared for middle school where you will need to be able to complete different homework tasks from different teachers each day.If you have a problem with the internet at home, or you are not sure what to do ASK Ms Frolchenko for help BEFORE Thursday each week.

Good luck!

Ms F

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