2nd Quarter Wk 4-Shining Star

During our work on leadership we learned about lots of different kinds of people and how one person can make a difference. We decided as a class a long time ago to TAKE ACTION and actually do something to help others. We decided to make short simple picture books for the children at the Shining Star Orphanage in Shanghai.



Your homework task is to make a short Children’s picture book BUT instead of having pictures, we will need you to end up cutting and pasting different materials into your book, so that the children can ‘feel’ their way through the book (because remember they can’t see the pictures or words). We will be recording our stories in computers in English and Mandarin.

This week’s questions:

What might be difficult to do if you were blind? What kinds of things can help blind people to lead independent lives? (remember a paragraph not 2 sentences!).

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