Weekly Big Question: Chat Room


As part of your ongoing learning I will chose (or ask someone in our class to choose) a thoughtful interesting big question and post it on our website on friday afternoons.

Your task over the weekend is to think about the question, talk with your family and friends about it and then;

1. Write a sentence or two show us your understanding and your opinion about this topic.

2. Then during the week in class we will look at everyone’s ideas.You might agree or disagree with someone else’s opinion and ideas BUT you must be polite.

PARENTS: All posts will be authorised by me before being published online

This will help you get used to ‘social media’ and responding to other people’s ideas online.

1 Response to Weekly Big Question: Chat Room

  1. Nikolas ATHANASOPOULOS says:

    I think it is a great idea to have animal circuses but only if the animals are being treated well. If not, the idea is horrible! I have seen on a video animals that have been beaten with bull hooks and tazed because they don’t do what they are told. In addition, I believe if they have some kind of a recess they get to run and play for exercise and that is what they are supposed to be doing in the wild which is good for them. Also it is good if they have a nice trainer and good food so they will be happy and healthy. It is important that the circus does not abuse them and use them only to make money.


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