Wk 1: Child Soldiers (14th-22nd Jan 2015)

Explain why you think it is sometimes important for children to become Child Soldiers.

Remember you MUST write a one paragraph response (6 sentences minimum).

You must also response to someone else’s comment from our class.

36 Responses to Wk 1: Child Soldiers (14th-22nd Jan 2015)

  1. Myra Sadeque says:

    Hi Ms. Frolchenko I think it is sometimes good to be a child soldier because you’ll know how to defend yourself and your family.


  2. Raf DAHLA says:

    Hi Ms Frolchenko I think being a child soldiers is sometimes necessary is because having a child in war alone is dangerous so child can self defend themselves. Child are small so when they’re a child soldiers they can hide in small places. A child has their own abilities that adults can’t like for example a child can sneak attack easier because a lot of child are short and quiet so they could sneak attack better. Children can make muscles in the army because working in the army is hard. Child can be a child soldiers because we can outnumber an enemy group. When child become child soldiers they help the country that the army’s fighting for.


  3. Ji-Hyeon HWANG says:

    Hi Ms.Frolchenko
    I think it is good to have child soldiers because if a baddie comes to your house and there are no adults to help you, I think if you can handle a gun,you might shoot the baddie.I know it sounds bad,but trained to be a soldier might be useful because you can protect yourself and your family in the future.Also, children can be great soldiers because they can learn faster than adults,and they are more flexible then adults.They are smaller so they have a less chance of getting shot in a soldier army.Plus, you can get stronger and healthier while training.These are the reasons why sometimes it’s important for a child to be a soldier.


  4. Jonathan Zhe-Xi XIE says:

    I think the children who is in Africa have to be children soldiers. Because if they are soldiers, they will get stronger and healer. If they are strong, they can save their home from attackers. And what if all the adults were died already? And the children can hide better than adults.So they have to be soldiers.


  5. Jonathan Zhe-Xi XIE says:

    I think you are right. Children can get stronger by being a child soldier, and they are smaller than an adults.


  6. Crystal Ha says:

    Hi Ms. Frolchenko, I think it is sometimes important to become a Child Soldiers because they can protect themselves. Second, they can help other people. Third, they can fight with baddies then they are alone. Fourth, they can be more stronger and when they become adult, they can use weapons. Fifth, they are small so they can hide in small places. At last, children can be more brave and can fight more stronger.


  7. Alexander GALSGAARD says:

    I think that its somtimes importen to become a child solider. Like maybe if world war 3 would happpen. Or ISIS conquered half or a quater of the world. Becuase they are good at hiding. And they could fit though pipes and other things.


  8. Aukust PAJUL says:

    It is important for children NOT to become soldiers because they have more time to live than a 20-30 year old. Children are easy to manipulate to do dangerous tasks. If there are child soldiers the adult military commandment is very irresponsible. Kids should also not become soldiers because they are mostly not ready for war and conflict. Also because adult soldiers are meant to protect children from becoming involved in war action. But children can be involved in salvation army and helping in tasks at homefront.


  9. Jeong-Won KIM says:

    Its some time important for children to becomr child soldiers because, than they would be well trained for self defence. They would also be able to protect their family and be safe. Also if there was a attack in a school or in their house they will be able to fight and protect everyone or run away safely. They could always be ready to shoot a gun if a baddy comes. They would be safer to be home alone. And at last they can live better on their own when they grow up.


  10. Kyo-Won KU says:

    I think it’s sometimes okay to be a child soldier because when there are no adult around and the baddies attack you, nobody can protect you. If their was a child soldier, you can protect yourself against the baddies.But most of the time I think it is not good be a child soldier for a extremely good reason.It is extremely unusual that the baddies would come and kill you.Also, when you’re a child soldier you would never be able to have a normal life like the others.


  11. Jonathan Zhe-Xi XIE says:

    I think children can be child solider. If they are child soldiers, they can use the country’s money if the live from an attack, because they saved the country! Second, if they are child soldiers, they will know their country better. Third, if they are child soldiers, they will know how to save their country(Or their parents). That is why they have to be child sodiers.


    • Jonathan Zhe-Xi XIE says:

      They can have the resources from their country, and they have the responsibility to save their country, too. They already have a conviction for this already:save their country is the most important thing. But if you had learned the skills to be a child soldier, you can be a child soldier as long as you want to. But if you don’t have the ability , you’ve better to not go to battle.


  12. Lov LARSE says:

    Child soldiers are good because they are good on hiding. They are good on spying and they are fast. The leader can manipulate the child easier than grown ups. They give them drugs and alkohol to feel better and feel like killing machines and think it’s fun. The children learn how to use an AK-47 on 45 minutes. The children are smart and clever so they now where to go.


    • Nikolas ATHANASOPOULOS says:

      You make a good point about the children being able to hide
      Too bad about the drugs and alcohol they may become addicted
      later on.


  13. Arvid LINDQVIST says:

    Hi Ms Frolchenko.
    Childrens are small so they can hide. Some children are more alert and learn new things esier. They fell safer if they learn how to use a gun. Mabye they are hungry and get better food if they are Soldiers. A gun make other fear the Child soldiers. With a gun I can take things I want and defend my tings from others.


  14. Kyo-Won KU says:

    I agree with you Rafa. You should learn to self-denfence in case their is no adult around who can help you.


  15. Aukust PAJUL says:

    Muscle power is a very important thing to have, but I wouldn’t recommend to run to a terrorist group to achieve it.


  16. Nikolas ATHANASOPOULOS says:

    Sometimes I think it is necessary to have child soldiers because if a big war were to happen and you realized that the country that you are fighting against is building up more troops than you if you had child soldiers in the army you would have more people to fight. Also child soldiers are easier to manipulate into the battlefield than adults. If a child soldier survives in the army until they are adults, they will be real experienced soldiers that would very helpful to the army.


  17. Nora BELIN says:

    Hello Ms. Frolchenko, I think it is sometimes important for children to become child soldiers because if all the adults die than children would have to be the soldiers. If only adult were fighting and they all die the children don’t know how to fight and use weapons, if they don’t they will die and there will be no more people. If the children fight they learn how to use self-denfence so if the adults die they can live. Children are small so they can hide behind rocks and tree and not be seen. Children learn how to use some guns very easily so they can learn while the war is going on. This is why children should be child soldiers.


  18. Irma ANDERSSON says:

    Hello Ms. Frolchenko, I think that children can be good to hid in trees and bushes because they are small. And if all the adults get shot then the children can help. And when children learn how to use a gun I think they are very good at it. If youre perents are sick and cant pretect you then you can pretect them and help them. And if the children have been traned like child soldiers then they know how to pretect there self. When the childs have been traned then you can pretect the contry.


  19. Irma ANDERSSON says:

    I think Chloe’s comment is really good because its true that the children get well traned for there self defence.


  20. Myra Sadeque says:

    Hi Ms. Frolchenko I think being a child soldier is sometimes important because they can defend themselves and there family. Also because children are small so they can hide somewhere where no one else can hide in and shoot from where they are.People don’t expect children to be soldiers so they won’t bother to try to kill them.when you are a kid and your in the army its actually easier because you can sneak up to them and attack them without them even knowing.When your in the army and you have to train you actually get stronger and fit.I also think being a child soldier is sometimes good because if you get attacked later on in your life you are able to attack them and be the hero or secretly help others get away.


  21. Nora BELIN says:

    I agree with you Myra. It is very good to know how to defend your self and other people.
    I really agree that it is very important to be fit and strong when you are fighting in a war. But, what happens if you are not strong and fit and how bad can it be?


  22. Crystal Ha says:

    I agree with Chloe because they can be able to protect themselves.


  23. Jeong-Won KIM says:

    I agree with Irma, if children become soldiers they can protect their parents.


  24. Yash MALHOTRA says:

    I think children should be soldiers. They should be because sometimes in schools baddies come. What if the baddies kill all the teachers and only the children are left? If the children are soldiers they can survive. It will be really easy for them. If they are skilled, one of the soldiers will call the police some how.


  25. Seung Hwan SEO says:

    I think children soldiers are sad because they should go war for kill person use life .
    And they will lost there family so I think they will sad.
    children soldiers are need to survie in the war because there is many baddies.
    But sometimes they will be good soldiers.
    I think childern soldiers not good. I think children soldier is make children sorrow.


  26. Joshua CHANG says:

    If you use a child for military purposes, chances are they are going to get killed, and then there’s not going to be a future for the homo sapiens race. Also, a child who has seen lots of blood, killed people, guts, and ripped-apart people, they will be traumatized for life and may become extremely violent. On the other hand, children are smaller, thus they will be easier to transport and harder for the enemy to target and in some countries, more plentiful than adults. Also, kids will learn how to use weapons, be stronger and more discliplined.


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