PYP-Unit 1: Beliefs and Values

Community of people in circle

Transdisciplinary Theme: Who are we? (Beliefs and Values)

This unit inquires into the nature of the self; beliefs and values; person, physical, mental, social and spiritual health; human relationships including families, friends, communities, and cultures; rights and responsibilities; what it means to be human.

Our central idea: Our beliefs and values are part of who we are and can influence how we live our lives.

Our key concepts: Connection, perspective

Our related concepts: Beliefs, identity

PYP Learner Profile: Open minded, reflective

PYP Attitudes: Appreciation, respect


Thinking skills; Metacognition

 Social skills; Respecting others.

Communication skills; Listening, Speaking   

Our lines of inquiry:

How different factors can influence who we are (family, community, culture, education)

Our values and beliefs as individuals and a community.

How we show our beliefs and values.

Our big questions:

  1. What are values? What do you value? What do your friends value? What does your family value?
  2. What are some factors that shape who I am? How do I know that?
  3. What are the shared values in my school? How can I identify them?
  4. How do our beliefs and values affect what we do and how we behave?

How can I help my child? Home/ School LINKS

Look through family photos, talk about different family connections

Talk about what your child was like when they were very young

Discuss what your family and extended family value

Watch films and read books that explore different beliefs and values

Talk about qualities your family values such as creativity, honesty, empathy etc.


Children Around the World and their prized possessions

Gallery of Kids value toys around the world

Pictures of schools and classrooms from around the world

Portraits of where children sleep around the world

Everything you own in a  photo (families and their possessions)

Portraits of Grandmothers and their food from around the world

Photos Of Children Playing Around the World

Teacher/Parent Resource including Book List

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