Unit 2: Measurement

Measurement Games online

Measurement Games-Woodlands Junior

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We will be learning about:

A. Measuring Length (mm, cm, m and km)

Tools: Using rulers and tape measures

B. Measuring weight & Reading Scales (grams and kg)

Tools: Using digital scales and equal arm balance scales

C. Measuring Capacity (ml and L)

Tools: Measuring jugs and cylinders.Different shapes and sized containers

D. Measuring money (Euros and exposure to different currencies)

Tools: hands on activities using coins and supermarket catalogues

E. Measuring time/ reading timetables (minutes, hours, half past, quarter past, quarter to)

Tools: Analogue and digital clocks, timetables

F. Measuring Shapes (Area & Perimeter)

Tools: Measuring simple shapes using rulers and cm squared paper