Environmental Technology Unit

What is this unit about?

This unit focuses on learning about the problems that currently face our environment such as air pollution, water pollution, land pollution, endangered animals and global warming etc. Students will learn about these problems and also explore possible solutions to these problems.


A main focus during this unit is learning the nature of cause and effect, for example if we throw our trash in the water we cause water pollution. The effect is that we make the water dirty and in turn that trash may kill sea life underwater environment.

Essential Questions:

Student will develop their own questions that they wish to explore.Some of these will be explored as a class as well as  independent research.

Vocabulary List:

This unit will require students to become familiar with the following vocabulary.

For translations in Korean and Swedish please click on our documents below.

Environmental Technology English to Swedish


There will be many opportunities to show your learning throughout this inquiry unit.

For your final project you will be asked to research a current problem in the environment and to find solutions (of which ONE must involve technology).

You will be using Keynote or Publisher to create an explanation text (pamphlet).

Environmental Issues Resources (Level of english required is in traffic light system. Green-Simpler English, Orange-Middle Level, Red-Adult Assistance required)

Environmental Tech Project Websites

(1) Air Pollution/ Global Warming/ Greenhouse Effect

Easy facts about air pollution. Green/ ESOL Level


Facts about air pollution. Orange Level


A newspaper article about air pollution in China. Red Level


Facts about air pollution from National Geographic. Red Level


(2) Global Warming/Climate Change

USA Government website for students. Facts and solutions. Orange Level


Great link to videos, websites and facts. Orange Level


Greenhouse gases, car pollution, plants and oxygen. Green to Orange Level


Greenhouse Effect

Detailed article. Red Level


Links to information about acid rain, air quality, global warming, ozone layer, recycling and links to other websites and games. Green to Orange Level


(3) Water Pollution

10 Global Warming Fast Facts That Will Blow Your Mind.

Interesting facts. Red Level


Facts about water pollution. Orange to Red Level


Great quick facts about water pollution. Green/ESOL Level


(4) Land Pollution

Great quick facts about land pollution. Green/ESOL Level


Facts about land pollution, quiet detailed. Orange Level


Detailed advanced information about land pollution. Red Level


(5) Endangered Animals

Electronic fact sheets of over 50 endangered animals. Red Level


Complex website with details about endangered animals. Red Level


People for the ethical treatment of animals. Complex information about animals used in experiments. Red Level


The Ivory Trade Is Out of Control, and China Needs to Do More to Stop It

Time Magazine article about the ivory trade in China. Red Level


National Geographic story about ‘China Cracks Down on Illegal Online Wildlife Trade’. Red Level


Links to other more detailed information. Orange to Red Level


Great facts about all kinds of animals. Orange to Red Level


11 Facts About Poaching Animals

Specific facts about poaching. Orange Level


Facts about poaching and endangered animals. Orange to Red Level


News article about Rhinos being poached. Orange Level


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