Leadership Unit

What is this unit about?

During this children will have the opportunity to learn about a range of leaders in fields such as science, technology, medicine, politics, human rights and sport. Students will also have the opportunity to learn the skills and characteristics required to become an effective leader and to gain an understanding that ‘everybody has the potential to be a leader‘.


One of the key concepts that we ensure children learn is  to explore types of characteristics that good leaders have. Students will also learn ways that they can become more effective leaders in their classroom, with their friends and in their families.

Essential Questions:

In addition to students developing their own questions and conducting their own research they will also have the opportunity to explore driving questions such as:

What are the qualities of leadership?

How have great leaders overcome obstacles and hardships?

How can you demonstrate leadership in your own school and community?

What motivates ordinary people to do extraordinary things?

Vocabulary List:

This unit will require students to become familiar with the following vocabulary.

For translations in Korean and Swedish please click on our documents below.


There will be many opportunities to show your learning throughout this inquiry unit.

For your final project you will be asked to choose a great leader and research facts about their life. You will need to persuade your class that your leader is so fantastic that they should be chosen for the ‘Leadership Hall of Fame’. You will be required to create a persuasive PowerPoint or Keynote presentation about you leader (this will include speaking in front of the class)

Resources for this unit

CNN Heroes

My Hero Project

Garden of Praise (World Leaders)

The Gallery of Heroes

Below are details of our final project which you will be completing in class.



RUBRIC 2014 Leadership_Hall_of_Fame

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