Our Inquiry Units

Our inquiry Units follow a cycle (see picture).

We can work in the order from 1 to 6 or jump around!

We can work in the order from 1 to 6 or jump around!

1. TUNING IN-We brainstorm, we think about the topic, we talk a lot, we do something fun to get us super interested.

2. FINDING OUT-We collect some information from books, videos, music/ sound, field trips, internet. We might have guest speakers.

3. SORTING OUT-We sort through all our information and knowledge and start to make connections and work out what is important and what isn’t.What can help us learn more, what doesn’t?

4. GOING FURTHER-We research more deeply into a more specific area.We are fascinated and want to know more about something.

5. MAKING CONCLUSIONS-After we have more knowledge we start to talk and make some of our own links and conclusions about why the world is the way it is.

6. TAKING ACTION-We are so interested in our ideas and topics that we want to take action now to improve something or to show our learning. We might have an exhibition, we might go on a field trip, we might help our school community or our local community.



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