Resources For Parents



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Free Audio Books at Story Nory


Scholastic : Here you can choose from different genres of books as well as age groups

Book Trust UK 6-8 year olds-Reading List

Good Reads-Pick an age group at the top

Good Reads-non-fiction

Articles for parents about reading

The Most Important Lessons Schools Can Teach Kids

PBS Parents-Lots of articles/ information on education

Parent’s Choice-Lots of articles and book suggestions 

What do boys like to read?

Books for boys who hate reading

Reading with your child




Here is a link to an online Maths Dictionary which can be helpful to check the meaning of some mathematical terms.

Math Investigations

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Nrich Maths-choose a level and type of maths.Includes games

Inquiry Learning through the PYP Program

For specific and detailed information head to the IB site.

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SparkleBox-free printable resources for your child

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Twinkle-More free resources

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