PYP- Unit 4: Sharing the planet (plants)


sharing the planet

Transdisciplinary Theme: Sharing the planet (Plants are life sustaining)

Central Idea: Plants are a life sustaining resource for all living things.


Top 10

What are the needs of living things?

PBS-Is it alive?

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Is it living or not living?

Sesame Street-Who is alive?

BBC Schools Science Clips

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What are the parts of plants and how do they function?

Plants & Flowers-Primary Games

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Parts of plants and flowers and games

Plant Interactive for Kids

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All about Plants

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Stage 1 Science

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Woodlands Junior-Science Plants

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Facts about parts of plants and games

Science Kids-New Zealand: Plants for Kids

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Facts, photos, games, quizzes about plants (medium level English)

Easy Science for kids: Plants

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Needs of Living things (Living versus non-living things)

Make me genius-Living and non- living

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Fruits Versus Vegetables

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What’s the difference between fruits and vegetables?

Photosynthesis-How do plants make food?

Food Chain Games

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The Hidden Beauty of Pollination

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Lima Bean Growing Time Lapse Video

What are plants used for?

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How do plants make food?

Uses of Plants-A slide show

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Why are plants important?  Why is biodiversity so important? 



Why is it important to take responsibility for plants?

MAN-Steve Cutts