PYP-Unit 2: Organisation and Communication


Transdisciplinary Theme: How we organise ourselves

Central Idea: Effective communication & personal responsibility enable people to organise themselves.

Our key concepts: function & responsibility

Our related concepts: Communication, organisation, community, systems

PYP Learner Profile: Thinker, communicator, reflective

PYP Attitudes: commitment, cooperation, independence


Communication skills– speaking, listening, letter and email writing, oral interviews & self management.

Organisation-being part of a group, taking on a  specific role, looking after resources

Our lines of inquiry:

  • Types of communication
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Working together to organise ourselves

Our big questions:

How do people communicate?

What makes communication effective?

What roles do people have to organise themselves?

How does having roles and responsibilities help when we organise ourselves?

How do we organise ?

Why is it important to be organised?

How can I help my child? Home/ School LINKS

  • Talk about how you organise your own life or home.
  • Re organise a space at home together (e.g. your bedroom, the kitchen, play area)
  • How do you get ready for school? Could you take on more responsibility at home?
  • Could you create your own way to organise yourself.
  • How are business’, supermarkets, shops and other places organised?
  • Project: Remember our final project will be require our class to organise something on their own. Start thinking about what you would like to do.


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