Short Cut steps for Country Report Book

  1. Research at least 3 different places for information in your topic. E.g. find a book and 2 different child friendly websites.
  2. Read all the information carefully. Ask your family for help with words you don’t know OR look them up using an online dictionary.
  3. Make some bullet point notes.
  4. From your notes now draft out 2 paragraphs (8 sentences).
  5.     NOW CHECK IT:
Do you have? Tick or Cross
  • A title (e.g. B is for Beaches)
  • Have your written at least 8 sentences?
  • Is the text written in your own words (copying is NOT allowed)?
  • Complete sentences with correct basic punctuation & spelling (use spell check on your computer).
  • Have you saved a picture or made a drawing to go with this topic. Your teacher doesn’t need to SEE this now, but saving it now is a good idea.
  1. If you are missing something FIX IT NOW before submitting it to your teacher.
  2. You are responsible for uploading your work onto the website  (passwords will be emailed to your personal school account). If for any reason you have a problem and cannot upload it, email your teacher and tell them AND email your work for that week to your teacher.
  3. Your teacher will email you with comments and corrections as soon as possible.
  4. MAKE the suggested corrections and save your final copy in TWO places (E.g. home computer & USB key, home computer & personal E Portfolio, home computer and

10. Cut and paste your writing into your book THEN add pictures, drawings or photographs and organize your layout. Remember if you do this ‘as you go’ it will be easy. If you leave all of this until then end it will take your hours to organize.

11. Remember you can format your work in MS Publisher, MS word or Mac Keynote.

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