Maths Investigations

Completing regular open- ended maths investigations are a vital part learning about maths and are especially important as this is often where students see a real-life link between what they learn at school and maths in the real world.

Children should focus on applying a wide variety of mathematical knowledge into solving an interesting problem.

E.g. How can we collect, count and organise sweets from packets?

What are the different ways you could show the different colours from a sweet packet?

Would it be possible for a person to drink the water in an Olympic swimming pool over their lifetime?How can you work this out?

You went into a gelato shop and saw 5 flavours, chocolate, vanilla, banana, mint and strawberry. If you are allowed 2 scoops of any flavours you would like, how many combinations could you chose from?

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 6.39.53 PM

For a real challenge try nrich maths!

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