Installation art is one of my favourite art forms and often one that is largely ignored in the schools for good reason. Installation art usually requires a LOT of materials and with budgeting and sustainability on the forefront it can seem like a lot of work for perhaps not enough of an ‘outcome’. There is a fine line between installation art and public/ outdoor art.

The Tate Gallery in the UK defines Installation art as Installation Art Definition

With this in mind year 6 will take part in an installation piece which involves clay shoes.

Here are some resources that helped get our students started.

Term 1: (2019) The Power of Objects (Learning about objects through Migration)

Make a list of things you think might be called ‘objects‘. Look up a definition here:

Online Dictionary

Now sort your objects into two lists, IMPORTANT OBJECTS and NON-IMPORTANT OBJECTS. Be ready to talk about your ideas, what might make an object important or not important?

Can you come up with your own definition of ‘object‘?

Why do artists use objects in their work? Are some objects more valuable or powerful than other objects in art? What makes you say that?

This term we will be linking your learning about migration with your class teachers to learning about ways in which artists represent migration through different artworks. You will also be looking at how objects can be altered from their original use/ meaning to create powerful pieces of art. We will be focusing on one main object-the shoe.

Watch this clip from MOMA (Museum of Modern Art, NY) and think about these questions. Traditionally art was supposed to be handmade by the artist and be beautiful. How did Marcel Duchamp challenge those ideas? What do you think ‘eye candy’ means?

How artists transform everyday objects | Modern Art & Ideas

How artists transform everyday objects | Modern Art & Ideas

transforming everyday objects

Researching tips on The History of Shoes and Shoe Companies

Researching tips ART Shoes in ChinaResearching tips ART Shoes in China

Shoes, Feet and Foot Binding

This term you will be designing and make your own shoe out of clay, but first let’s research and learn a little more about shoes, shoe making, shoe design and history of shoes in China.

youtube bound feet

Foot Binding:

Foot binding, Foot binding in China, Foot binding in Japan, The History of binding feet for children

Bound Feet

Read this articles:

When we think about Chinese clothing, it strikes us as really weird that women bound little girls’ feet so they couldn’t grow, and made them grow up with little tiny broken feet that they could hardly walk on. You might want to think about whether this is really so unusual though; isn’t it just another instance of women making themselves beautiful through pain? Is this comparable to tattooing, for instance? Or piercings? Is foot-binding more like braces? What if the braces are entirely cosmetic? Or is it more like getting a nose job? Is Chinese foot-binding comparable to European and American women wearing corsets? Or high heels? How about ballet dancers wearing pointe shoes? Do men have similar things? maybe wearing ties, or shaving? Or getting piercings? Why or why not?

Photographer: Jo Farrell

Living with bound feet CNN


Clay Shoe Examples-coming soon


Clay  Instructions

Clay Instructions





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