How do I research?

During the year you will need to work hard on improving your skills of researching, taking notes and writing in your own words. These skills will help you NOW, next year and for your whole life.

Use these websites to get your started, remember your research needs to be factual and correct.

Academic Kids

Fact Monster


Education Portal

Surf Net Kids


STEP 1: Write a list of questions or things you need to find out.

STEP 2Visit the school library to find books.

Also have a ‘quick look’ at an online encyclopedia.

STEP 3: Read and record  different information about your topic.

You should use at least  3 books and check 3 different websites. You could jot down important notes or you could type up your ideas.

Make sure you SAVE YOUR WORK carefully especially if it is on a computer. It is always good to save it in 2 places (on a USB KEY and on a COMPUTER).

STEP 4Sort through your information. Make sure you are actually answering your question. Make sure your work is interesting. Ask yourself (would I want to learn about this?). 

STEP 5: lastly.

*Type up your work, or write it out neatly.

*Check your spelling and grammar.

*Include pictures, photos or diagrams.

* Ask a friend or family member to read it and give you feedback.Listen to their ideas, they are trying to help you, after all.

Good luck researching

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