Year 6

Term 2: January to April 2020

Shanghai Then and Now-Art Deco

and Graphic Design

Week 1: What is graphic design?  How might learning about graphic design help me in my own life both in and out of school?


Week 2: The Roaring 20’s.

What was happening in the world during the 1920’s and 1930’s?

How does this connect to artwork that was made during that time?

Click here to read and learn about The Roaring 20’s

roaring 20's.JPG

Kiddle-More Roaring Twenties Facts

kiddle roaring 20's.JPG


Click here to read US History: The Roaring 20’s-Ducksters

US History The Roaring 20's.JPG


When you feel that you have some read some facts and UNDERSTAND what you’ve read. Jot down an interesting fact on a sticky note. Add it to our class poster under a specific category.


Let’s look at some artwork and FONTS from the 1920’s

Click here! 1001FONTS-1920’s

1920's fonts.JPG

How to draw different fonts

Now, it’s your turn to try to draw some letters in the style of the 1920’s.

Week 3: Revising Fonts and Learning about the Principles of Design-Pattern and Balance

The Principles of Design

There are 7 principles of design, they are related  to the 7 Elements of Art.

Can you remember what the 7 elements of art are?

The 7 principles of design are, Pattern, Balance, Contrast, Emphasis, Movement & Rhythm and Unity.

Watch this clip below from Art Heroes to get a taste of what each principle means. Be patient with yourself, they are not easy to understand.

Sometimes these Principles of Design and shown with slightly different names such as, Contrast, Proportion (the size of something in relation to the size of something else), Repetition (like pattern), Movement, Rhythm, Variety (difference), Emphasis, Balance, Unity and Harmony (is like the magic glue that makes everything stick together and  creates cohesiveness, parts look good together).

10 principles of design

Don’t worry too much about these new words, we will focus on the 7 principles of design, one by one.

1. Pattern

2. Balance

WEEK 4: The Principles of Design.

This week let’s look at Contrast and Emphasis.

3. Contrast

4. Emphasis


WEEK 5: The Principles of Design.

This week let’s look at Movement & Design

Movement & Rhythm



This week let’s look at our last element, Unity



Art Games and Helpful websites

Quick Draw by Google


Extra Art Resources for Term 2

Art Deco: Let’s learn some more about Art Deco together when we return to school. If you are curious about this art style, take a look at this video.

Think about-What does this style of art look like?

Back in school we will read a fact sheet on ART DECO, then try creating your own art deco motif or boarder pattern.


 The History of Poster Design

Poster design has changed a lot over time. For detailed information on the History of Poster Design read some facts from International Poster Gallery

For a very brief look at the History of Posters, watch this short video on YouTube.

Next, read the fact sheet about architect Lazlo Hudec and watch this clip of his building designs in Shanghai.



Kathy Schrock’s clear picture of an infographic






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