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Originally from Australia I am currently living and teaching at an international school in Shanghai, China.

Year 5

Term 2 (2020) Social Art: The Power of a Message (Graphic Design) Art is a powerful way to share facts, opinions, experiences and emotions. What is graphic design anyway?   What is Graphic Design? Lesson 1: Watch any of these clips. … Continue reading

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Year 4

Term 2:  (January to April 2020) Religious Artworks from Ancient Civilisations  WEEK 1 and WEEK 2   Ducksters: Egyptian Alphabet     Ducksters Ancient Egypt Gods & Goddesses     Egyptian Art: Egyptian Art   Ducksters: Ancient Mayan Art   Ducksters: … Continue reading

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Year 3

  Term 2: Chinese Shadow Puppets  (Jan-April 2020) WEEK 1: What are shadows and why do we have them?   How to make Shadow animals with your hands?     NEXT: Grab a torch and try to make some animals … Continue reading

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spaghetti yeah!!!

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Radical Reading!

Learning to read is not an easy task but you CAN do it and you will do it! Below are some helpful websites to assist you find your own ‘just right’ books.Enjoy. Authors: Tom GATES  Scholastic Website Tom Gates Blog Geronimo … Continue reading

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