ART Projects/Events/Competitions

The International Dot Day-September 2016


All of our students from grades 1 to 5 had a brilliant week celebrating creativity.Each grade started off by reading the story ‘The Dot’ by Peter Reynolds or watching a clip about his story.


Next we each made different dots and talked a lot about what being creative meant.


Here are our masterpieces;

Grade 1: Experimented with paint and paintbrushes to make dots.They also used round shaped items to experiment with simple printmaking.We even created 3D dots by sticking 2 student’s work together. We also created giant chalk dots outside in our adventure playground area.



Grade 2: These students sorted warm and cold coloured pencils and looked at the artwork of Friedensreich Hundertwasser. They created joint artworks by using oil crayons and watercolour paint.


Grade 3: Students created 3D dots and glued these onto sticks to be displayed in our pot plants around the school.We focused on line and colour.



Grade 4: This group of students made 2D dots become 3D dots by working individually on paper plates, focusing on line and colour and then gluing these together to create science fiction looking 3D dots.We hung these together in long strings.



Grade 5: These students created massive dots and dots within dots by using black cardboard and multicoloured chalk.Check out their colourful designs here.


The Giving Back Bazaar-Friday 2nd December 2016

Each year our school holds a special giving back bazaar where we focus a lot on how we can all take action to give back to the community.This year our focus is on homes and homelessness as we have a large number of refugees entering Rome and Italy as well as a large homeless community. During art class we have talked and drawn a lot about houses, homes and what it means to have a home or not. Students are encourage to make their own arts and craft products using recycled materials to see on our special day to raise money for specific charities our school Supports .