Art & Inquiry Learning

Art and Inquiry Learning:

If you are teaching at a PYP school or love inquiry learning then you are in the right place. It takes some serious time exploring the vast WWW in order to find helpful information about linking the teaching of art through inquiry. Although there are a lot of fantastic resources out there, I found it quite hard to find relevant examples of good inquiry learning and so I thought I would try to fix that problem by creating a resource myself!


What is inquiry learning anyway?

If a friend asked me to explain what Inquiry based learning is, I would say that it is a more self directed approach to learning. It’s fun, complicated, messy and means that you can’t always control what will happen next. It is when students are excited to find out new information and we guide them and help them to achieve that. When it is done well it makes me never want to stop teaching or learning.

I stumbled upon this wonderful explanation recently:

What is inquiry based learning?