ART-Grade 5

Unit 1 PYPWho we are (How we learn)


Grade 5 students began our year by exploring their central idea Understanding the way we learn helps us to reach our potential”.

This was an inquiry into the biology of the brain, learning styles and multiple Intelligences  and study skills.

We explored our big concepts of Reflection (how do we know), Function (how does it work?) and Perspective (What are the points of view?) in different ways.







Their Summative Assessment piece students were asked to create an inner and outer self portrait showing their skills and talents.Students were guided through a self portrait drawing exercise before adding their own details.

Media: painting, drawing/sketching, 

Elements of Art: line, space, colour 

Unit 2 PYPWhere we are in place and time (Ancient Civilizations)


The central idea for our second unit was Ancient civilizations continue to influence our everyday lives”.

This was an inquiry into Ancient Civilizations around the world, the History and life in Ancient Rome  and the impact of ancient civilizations on our lives. 

We explored our big concepts of  Function (how does it work?) and Connection (How is it connected to other things?) and Form (What is it like?)

*Function: Students were given a set of images which depicted a variety of different types of arts from ancient civilizations around the world. 

Activity: Students completed a Graffiti Carousel activity to try to grasp their prior knowledge and their interests. Each group make their own conclusions about their friend’s comments and fed this back to the class.


Activity: After a field trip to Pompeii (we do live in Rome, Italy after all), students were asked to complete the Visual Thinking Strategy CSI (Colour, Symbol, Image) to show their current thinking about art from the ancient Civilization-Pompeii.

Students then used ‘question dice’ to help them create some thoughtful questions, worthy of further investigation.


Activity: Students were asked to choose one Ancient Civilization and to research independently the form of their artwork and to find out what it was like?. They were also asked to focus on one type of media, for example, pottery or mosaic art.Students were asked to consider how ancient art impacts on their lives today.

For their Summative Assessment research, experiment, then design and create their own collagraph piece  inspired by an ancient civilization of their choice. They will then make  a series of 3 prints.

Media: painting, drawing/sketching, collage, printmaking

Elements of Art: line, space, form, texture