Art Apps

Collage Apps


Facts: Pictoboldo-Pictobold allows you to drag and drop pieces of fruit and vegetables to create artworks, particulary helpful for creating detailed ‘Giuseppe Arcimboldo’ inspired artworks.

Reviewed by Flora:You can make funny faces using fruit, vegetables and plants. It would be good for making nice pictures. You can change the colour of the pictures and change the size of the fruit/vegetable”.



Facts: Moldiv-We love MOLDIV.You can edit photos and create fantastic collages easily.

Review by TBA: Coming soon!



Facts: PicsArt- Picsart is a simple app to us that allows you to collage and edit photos to make them look more professional.

Reviewed by Milo: “Picsart is really great because you can make a lot of things, collage and draw on top of pictures”.



Facts: Pic collage- You can add many layers of photos and collage the photos together.

Reviewed by Hasset: “I think it’s awesome, you can pick pictures and stickers on it.You can also change the backgrounds.You can import you own photos”.



Facts: Book Creator-This simple app allows you to drag and drop photos in and add simple text to make a book.You can also add simple music.

Review by TBA: Coming soon!







Facts: Garage Band-Garage band allows you to create you own songs from a range of instruments.We think it is the BEST music app around.

Review by TBA: Coming soon!



Facts: Melody Jams-Melody Jams is a basic music app for younger children. You can choose monster characters and have them play different music. More suitable for grade 1 and 2.

Reviewed by Cesare: “You can choose monster characters to play music and add other music yourself. The bad thing is you can’t record the songs you compose but you can choose to insert drums, piano and xylophone instruments”.


Films/ Comics





Facts: Telestory- You can choose different background to create a TV story such as Sports news, normal news, Science fiction. Each setting comes with some props (wig on your head, ball in your hand).Make options to choose then press start to record your news.

Reviewed by Massi: “I like that you can choose a mask and there are lots of options”.



Facts: ToontasticYou can choose a range of backgrounds and drag and drop character in.You can also choose the order of your film/ short story and record your voice over the top.

Reviewed by Eugenia, Elisa and Yuchen: “I like that you can create a cartoon and that you use your voices in the cartoon” (Eugenia).”I like that you can choose the place, the characters because in a real cartoon on the TV you can’t choose anything”.(Elisa) “You can choose your different characters and use your voice to make a story” (Yuchen).



Facts: Scratch Junior- This is an app that allows you to create a comic strip, picture by picture.You can choose a background and add characters and change colours etc.It isn’t that easy to use though.

Not recommended


Facts: Puppetpals-A simple app for younger children that allows you to control a puppet show.

Reviewed by Cesare : “It’s a really cool app, you can make a play with characters and the actors and you can narrate the puppet show. There is only 8 characters and you can take a photo of yourself or you have to buy more. Not many backgrounds to choose from.You could choose 8 characters and 6 backgrounds”.



Facts: Strip Design-This app allows you to make comic strips and collages.

Reviewed by Amie:  “I liked it a lot because you can use stickers and make different and make different collages-you can draw inside each box instead of inserting pictures.The thing that’s not very good about the APP is that when you exit you can’t see everything you already made”.


Animation + 2D to 3D


Facts: Quiver (formally ColAR Mix)- This App allows you to turn 2D images into 3D images, however you MUST use the company’s special colouring in pages to do so. The 2D to 3D map and animal cells are particularly useful.

Reviewed by Ms Frolchenko:   I love this app and it is amazing to see how particular it is.For example if you print off one of the normal colouring in pages the exact colours you use will be turned into a 3D version when you use the Quiver App. Note that there are a limited number of free pages you can print, colour in and then use Quiver App, others you must pay quite a few dollars per page for. The only Educational pages currently available are Animal Cell, Platonic Solids, Starbucks Latte, Dot Day,Dover starter, Sparks Grove,World Map and World Flag. It is quite surprising that Quiver have not linked in with the NZ National Curriculum, American Common Core or even with math, art, science general themed units of work!


Facts: STOP MOTION-This app allows students to create impressive animations and allows you to set a timer which makes the camera on an ipad take a photo every 5 seconds (or whatever time you choose)

 Reviewed by Ms Frolchenko: One of my favourite apps, my students have used plasticine, play dough, paper cut outs and drawn on a whiteboard to create impressive animation pieces.easy to use, possible to delete frames as you go and even add sound and it is free!






Facts: Think 3D FreeThis app allows you to build 3D shapes quickly and easily.You can change the colour and choose the type of 3D shape you want to build with.

Review by Davide and Ryan: “I like how you can make anything you like with different shapes”. (Ryan).”I like it because you can make all the things that you want and you can choose the colours, you can build things quickly”. (Davide)




Facts:ImagiboxThis app allows you to manipulate play dough shapes by changing their size and colour as well as a range of drawing applications.

Review by TBA: Coming soon!


Drawing and Painting


Facts: Paper 53-Paper is a great drawing app that allows you to easily draw, take notes and use a range of pens, pencils, brushes.You can take a screen shot of your work.

Review by TBA: Coming soon!





Facts: Pottery Maker-An impressive app that allows you to create different pieces of pottery and to decorate them using different ancient civilizations or techniques.

Review by TBA: Coming soon!


Apps for Specific Artists/Art Genres:

Frida Kahlo

Vincent Van Gogh

Paul Cezanne

Pop Art

Apps and App reviews coming soon!



Seesaw-Electronic Learning Journal

Facts: Seesaw has to be the easiest electronic portfolio system around.Student can add photos, record their own voices or write text to explain their own learning journey.Easy to use and accessible using barcodes (QR scanner) or email login.AMAZING!