Unit-Forces & Inventions

Forces-and-Motion-Vocabulary-Words2  (click on this link to see Vocabulary words)

Basics facts about Forces ( grade 5/6)Basic Forces Information

Forces in the physical world impact design technology

In this inquiry unit children will be learning about the science behind basic forces and shown that this knowledge is essential and impacts on designs and technological applications in the real world. Children need to understand basics forces before they begin creating their own invention for the Invention Convention (which is like a science fair). 

Topics Covered: 

  • Forces that exist in the physical world
  • The influence of forces on design technology
  • The process of design

Form  = What?

Function =How?

Cause =Why?


1. Build a self powered car

2. Design a boat

3.Design and bridge

4.Design a spinner

5.Build you own rollercoaster (loop the loop)

6. Design your own Chair

1. Agreed chair design

2. Chair instructions letter from papa bear 2015

3.Group design plan

4. Baby Bear Chair final assessment rubric 2015

5. Chair Designing Reflection Chair Rubric

6. How Did I Do

Resources for this unit:















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