Whose house is that?

Unit 3 PYP-Where we are in place and time (Homes)

Central Idea: Homes are created based on people’s needs, location and the availability of resources.

Media: drawing/sketching, sculpture, design/ making objects

Elements of Art: shape, form, texture,space

Grade Level: Grade 1 ( 5-6 year olds)


1.Tuning in

Prior to my art lesson grade 1 students had been on a  neighbourhood walk looking at the shapes of homes and talking about their own homes. They started building the basic shapes of their own houses out of cardboard.

In art we completed a mini treasure hunt searching inside and outside our classroom for pictures of all different houses from around the world. This sparked off a lot of discussion and I recorded the student’s ideas:

What do houses look like?

What do most houses have?

2. Finding out:

Next we watched a short video clip which showed more unusual houses from around the world and I asked the children to look carefully at materials and to think about what each house was made of while they were watching the film. I set up 3 work stations an asked students to experiment with building houses.

What makes it easy to build a house? What did they find hard when building a  house?

Who was their house for? Where was it located? What was it made from?

Work station 1: use Playdough or plasticine to build a house.

Work station 2: Build a house out of Playmais with a friend.

Work station 3: Build a house out using pip cleaners (after trying paper and aluminium foil with other classes which was not very successful)

About Miss Frolchenko

Originally from Australia I am currently living and teaching at an international school in Rome, Italy.
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