Water through art

Unit 2 PYP: Sharing the Planet (Water)


Central Idea:Water is essential to life and is a limited resource.

Age group: Grade 4 (9-10 year olds)

Media: painting, drawing/sketching, collage using Art Apps, printmaking, photography

Elements of Art: line, shape, colour, space

Provocations: My favourite things to do as a teacher I have to admit is to create exciting and thoughtful provocations. These should be experiences that move students, physically or emotionally and that leave them with questions .

1.Tuning in: To start off our unit I set up a range of water related art activities to spark children’s interest.


*Mixing Paint: Students were asked to mix a variety of  paints to create new colours. Then asked to create a series of  colours that could be used to paint water.

*Watercolour Paint Experiment: Students were asked to experiment with watercolour paint and different paper and to find out which combination works best?

*Shaving Foam and Edicol (food colouring) paint: Can you make paint move using food colouring and foam?

Students were asked to look at a range of  posters whose purpose was to encourage people to save water. By studying simple graphic design elements, students gained a simple knowledge of advertising elements.



Due to time restrictions in this unit, students were invited to create a poster using found photographs or images they took themselves. By using Moldiv (an art app) students were able to create a more professional looking graphic design piece than they would have been able if hand made. Students also wanted to take action within our school and to encourage their peers to stop wasting water, hence the poster idea.

About Miss Frolchenko

Originally from Australia I am currently living and teaching at an international school in Rome, Italy.
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