Teaching Peace & Conflict to Grade 1


PYP Unit 1: Sharing the Plant (Peace and Conflict)


Central Idea: Seeking peaceful solutions to conflict helps us to get along better.

Grade level: 1st Grade (5-6 year olds)

Media: painting, drawing

Elements of Art: line, shape, colour

Grade 1 students decided that a good way to remind themselves and other students at our school to play in a peaceful way was to create our own Peace Symbols. This required a lot deep thinking. We observed symbols around us, drew symbols we knew before creating our own set of peace symbols.

symb3 sorting-symbols1 peaceposters symbols2

Finally we chose our two favourite symbols and drew them on double sided coloured construction paper. We added details using oil crayons and watercolour paint.Lastly we laminated these and hung them up in our playgrounds at school to be a visual reminder for the whole year.

peace4 peace5 p2 p1

About Miss Frolchenko

Originally from Australia I am currently living and teaching at an international school in Rome, Italy.
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