Seriously! Organise yourself or else!

Unit 2 PYP-How we organise ourselves (Organisation)

Central Idea: Effective communication and personal responsibility enable people to organise themselves.

Media: painting, drawing/sketching, designing/ making objects

Elements of Art: line, shape, colour, form

Trying to find an interesting provocation to get grade 2 started was not difficult-I simply asked grade 1 students to mess up our art room a little.

Grade 2 students were then asked to think about our big concepts in relation to our messy room.

The main concepts students focused on were Function (how does it work) and Responsibility (what is our responsibility?).

*Function: We jumped into our unit by completing a treasure hunt and by using the Visual Thinking Strategy ( I see, I think , I wonder). Students looked carefully at the ways in which our art classroom is organised.


From this analysis students were asked to come up with new ways to improve our classroom layout and organisation. We moved desks, chairs, rugs, sharpened pencils, changed our Artist’s ToolBox and looked carefully at our bilingual labels.


*Responsibility: The students were asked to take on a lot more personal responsibility when using and taking care of our resources. Children were asked to think about news ways to take responsibility. Should we re arrange our classroom again? Could the children organise resources they might need to make their own artwork in a  group or independently? Should we re label items in our classroom?

Most classes decided that they might be able to organise themselves to make some arts and craft products to sell at our school’s Giving Back Bazaar in December.

It might seem like a simplistic exercise in asking students to plan to make their own art/craft.Then find the necessary materials, make their art and clean up-however I can assure you this was a mammoth task.

About Miss Frolchenko

Originally from Australia I am currently living and teaching at an international school in Rome, Italy.
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