International Dot Day 2016

int-dot-day book

International Dot Day is a fantastic way to encourage creativity within your school and to start the year off with a bang, or rather a dot.

Details about the day are available from the author Peter Reynolds and his book ‘The Dot’ and ‘Ish’.

After looking at other art blogs and ideas on Pinterest I decided to try to create a range of open ended investigations for each grade level and allow them to ‘make a dot and see where it takes them’. Clearly some pieces of artwork turned out better than others which leds to a great discussion about the process of making art versus the finished product!

Grade 1: How can you make dots with lines? How could you combine markers and paper to create 3D dots?


Grade 2: How can you use oil crayon and watercolour paint to create tiny or giant dots in a group?

20161107_121123-1 20161107_121132-1 20161107_121226-1

Grade 3: Can you use any materials in our classroom to create 3D dots?

Grade 4: Can you use plates and recycled papers to create double sided 3D dots?


Grade 5: Use chalk, oil crayons and black paper to make a mark and see where it takes you.



It only came to my attention AFTER the International Dot Day that there was a new and sensational app out there called QuiverVision. This app allows children to colour in specific colouring pages from the company and then by holding an Ipad over the top of the page, the program turns the image from 2D into 3D.See Art App reviews written by my students for more information. I highly recommend using this next year!

About Miss Frolchenko

Originally from Australia I am currently living and teaching at an international school in Rome, Italy.
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