Healthy Habits & Art

PYP Unit 2: Who we are (Healthy Habits)

Central Idea:  The choices we make in our daily routines affect our health.

Grade level: Grade 1 (5-6 year olds)

Media: painting, drawing/sketching, printmaking, sculpture designing/making objects, textiles

Elements of Art: line, shape, colour, form, texture, designing/making objects, textiles

To combine our learning of warm and cool colours and healthy habits, we looked through magazines and food pamphlets.We cut out healthy foods and had to match the colour of the food onto the correct poster.

We drew pictures of healthy foods and foods that are not ‘every day foods’. Next we used PlayMais to create healthy foods like pasta, pizza and salads!

2 3foodsort



We were then interested in trying printmaking so we cut up a bunch of fruits and vegetables and tried hard to investigate ‘which fruits and vegetables print best and why’? The students decided that apples, potato,and onions work best, while lemon, orange, broccoli didn’t work as well.


We became fascinated with germs and after watching some videos and studying some pictures of colds, virus’ and gems we made our own germs using play dough and PlayMais.

img_1891 img_1889 img_1887 img_1894

For our final project we will be designing and sewing special sleeping masks we can use at home or when we travel. We can choose our own design.Some students made germ masks others fruit and vegetable healthy food masks.



About Miss Frolchenko

Originally from Australia I am currently living and teaching at an international school in Rome, Italy.
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