Year 5

Term 2 (2020) Social Art: The Power of a Message (Graphic Design)

Art is a powerful way to share facts, opinions, experiences and emotions.

What is graphic design anyway?

what is graphic design anyway.JPG


What is Graphic Design?


Lesson 1: Watch any of these clips.

Think about these questions:

How do advertisements persuade us? How do they use The Elements Of Art to send a powerful message?






Lesson 2:

Click here to get a quick reminder of The Elements of Art


Click here to learn about the Principles of Design


Learning about FONTS

Click on these videos to find out different ways to make your own FONTS!






Term 1 (2019) Perspective & SustainabilityLife on Mars


Art project MARS Colony Term 1 2019

This term you will be designing and building a new colony for Mars using recycled materials.

What is a colony and why might we need one?

Define: Colony

Before you think about your designs, let’s read and research some facts about what life would be like on the planet Mars. 

Life on Mars BBC

Facts about life on MARS

Building Techniques & Advanced Building techniques (The Art of Ed)

The Art of Ed


Hot Glue Guns, Cutting Matts, craft knives, sticky tape, split pins

About Miss Frolchenko

Originally from Australia I am currently living and teaching at an international school in Shanghai, China.
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