Year 4

Term 2:  (January to April 2020) Religious Artworks from Ancient Civilisations 

WEEK 1 and WEEK 2


Ducksters: Egyptian Alphabet




Ducksters Ancient Egypt Gods & Goddesses




Egyptian Art: Egyptian Art

Egyptian Art Ducksters.JPG


Ducksters: Ancient Mayan Art

Ducksters Ancient Mayan Art.JPG


Ducksters: Ancient Roman Art

Ducksters Ancient Roman Art.JPG


Ducksters: Ancient Greek Art

Ducksters Ancient Greek Art.JPG



Ducksters: Art from Ancient Africa

Ducksters Ancient Africa.JPG


History for Kids WebsiteHistory for Kids Website.JPG


BBC Kids-Ancient History

BBC History for Kids Ancient History.JPG


Week 3-Patterns in Art

Click here to learn more about Pattern in Art; Robot Art School-Elements and Principles of Art-Pattern


Week 4: Learning how to shade

Click here to watch this great clip            How to Art-How to shade


Week 5: Start thinking about designing your own imaginary Ancient God

About Miss Frolchenko

Originally from Australia I am currently living and teaching at an international school in Shanghai, China.
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