Year 4

Term 2:  (January to April 2020) Religious Artworks from Ancient Civilisations 

Research Tools this term: 


Ducksters: Egyptian Alphabet




Ducksters Ancient Egypt Gods & Goddesses




Egyptian Art: Egyptian Art

Egyptian Art Ducksters.JPG


Ducksters: Ancient Mayan Art

Ducksters Ancient Mayan Art.JPG


Ducksters: Ancient Roman Art

Ducksters Ancient Roman Art.JPG


Ducksters: Ancient Greek Art

Ducksters Ancient Greek Art.JPG



Ducksters: Art from Ancient Africa

Ducksters Ancient Africa.JPG


History for Kids WebsiteHistory for Kids Website.JPG


BBC Kids-Ancient History

BBC History for Kids Ancient History.JPG



Term 1:  (August to  December 2019) Science and Art in the Natural World 

Image result for nat geo animal eye quiz"

National Geographic Animal Eye Quiz

Year 4 students have been exploring the connections between art and science, looking for similarities and differences. Our unit has included learning about Leonardo da Vinci and about the power of observation. We explored plants and flowers in our playground as well as under a microscope. We conducted experiments on different materials by seeing how they react with watercolour paint and used our sketchbooks to record all of our findings. These explorations lead us to focus on Texture (one of our elements of art), specifically textures from endangered animal skin. We used painting tools to help us change acrylic paint into animal skin and used a range of oil crayon techniques to add additional layers into our work. By focusing on shape we were able to practice drawing our endangered animal’s eye and found that step by step videos or instructional sheets really helpful.


anima;l eyes

Here are some of our favourite links:

How to draw animals


Drawing tutorials

How to draw a…..

How to draw website



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