Year 3


Term 2: Chinese Shadow Puppets

 (Jan-April 2020)

WEEK 1: What are shadows and why do we have them?


How to make Shadow animals with your hands?



NEXT: Grab a torch and try to make some animals shapes using your hands or objects from around the classroom?

Click here to read the Story of Shadow Puppetsshadow puppets.JPG


Week 2: Learning about  Geometric and Organic shapes 

Image result for ORGAIC AND inorganic shapes

Week 3: Draw and cut out a shadow Puppet

Read through your instructions on Firefly.

You might also enjoy this video on how to make a shadow theater in 10 seconds!

Week 4: Learning about Pattern

Click here to learn more about Patterns. Robot Art School-elements of Principles of Art- Pattern 


Term 1: Art Around the World

(August-December 2019)

Year 3 students have been exploring the connections between the art that is made in different countries. Can you tell where an artwork is from, by looking at it?

Is all the art from one country the same? Does the country an artist is from influence what they make?

Our six different classes have each been learning about both traditional art from a specific continent as well as a contemporary artist.

These explorations lead us to focus on Shape, colour and line, and we found that there are a lot of ways we can experiment with these Elements of Art. We have been experimenting with weaving and collage from Africa, watercolour paint and oil crayon from Australia, paper cutting techniques from Europe, cardboard sculpture to make Totem Poles from Canada, sewing skills from South America and even wire animal monsters from Mexico.

South America:  Mola Designs from Colombia and Romero Britto from Brazil

North America: Totem Poles (Canada) and Alebrijes (Mexican)

Africa: Kenta Cloth weaving (Ghana) and Aboudia (Abdoulaye) Diarrassouba (Côte d’Ivoire)

Europe: Henri Matisse (France) and Friedensreich Hundertwasser (Austrian / New Zealand)

Asia: Katsushika Hokusai (Japan) and Yayoi Kusama (Japan)

Oceania: Koru Designs (from New Zealand) and Ken Done (Australia)

Whenever we need to practice our drawing skills we love to watch step by step videos or use step by step pictures to help us get our shapes right.


How to draw a landmark

how to draw the Taj mahal

Here are some other links to help us draw landmarks



Eiffel tower-Paris, France


Taj Mahal-India


Leaning tower Pisa, Italy


Christ the Redeemer-Brazil


Sydney Opera House, Australia


Oriental Pearl Tower, Shanghai China


Great wall of China


Shanghai World Financial Tower (Bottle Opener)-Shanghai


Golden gate bridge, San Francisco USA

quick draw.JPG

About Miss Frolchenko

Originally from Australia I am currently living and teaching at an international school in Shanghai, China.
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